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konjee military on dauphin [rated m for V+L]


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[COLOR=SeaGreen][SIZE=3] an unholy war was started by one planet between all of the universe

long ago there was a bunch of planets that made a truse with each other and the all joined together in trust but one day that trust was broken by one planet and now they had started an unholy war between the whole universe no one new what to do it had just started.
Five years later the planet dauphin had created something it was a school and the name was konjee military school where kids could go to train to fight in the war. They thought that this school would help but they soon found out that the only type of people that they got were people that have had problems in their lives like loss of someone or they were just mean.
The things that are mostly studied are mech fighting and magic. Alot of people train to be mech fighter but they all get teams at diffrent times during school. And some people come to control their magic abilities.
Here is when it all happened:

2000- all the worlds were joined in by trust but the trust was broken on april 20th 2000.

2005- the war was still going on so the planet dauphin created a school called chronic military school.

2010- it is now 2010

here is what you need for this RPG:

Race- like elf, vampire, immortal ect.
Power- like what magic element your characture controls
Bio- just a short story about your characture

here is mine

Name- jak bell
Nickname- Nightshade
Race- He is a vampire
Appearance- He is about 6'3" and weighs about 100lb he wears a black hat and he has blood red hair and he has bright blue eyes and he looks like a gang member because he wears all black clothing and caries around any weopon he can get a hold of. He also carries around a celtic harmonie pendent that stands for spiritual rebirth and he has a tatoo going all the way up his back of 2 snake like dragons around a ying-yang and it is black.
Personality- He is a loaner and hates to be touched and he has never told anybody why but he gets pissed off real easily so don't get in his way even if he is only 13 years old.
power- shape shifting he can't control it very well
Bio- when he was a small child his father died and his mom blamed it on him saying it was his fault his father is dead and he would always scream and cry and ask why his father had to die and leave him with his mother. she would beat him every day and make him do the chores the day his father died he gave him the celtic harmonie and told him to take care of it ever since it has hung around his neck. His mom got a job at the school as the head mistress. so he had to go live at the school and his mom made him take the classes. That is why he is so good with every weopon ever made.[/SIZE][/COLOR]
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[COLOR=RoyalBlue][SIZE=2]Name- Dalton Heart
Nickname- brainiac
Age- 17
Gender- male
Race- a mix between vampire and elf
appearance- He is about 6'7" and he weighs about 120lbs and he has bleached white hair and bright red eyes and he has his lip on the right side pierced with a golden hoop in it and he has his left ear pierced all the way up his ear he wears all white clothes he has a white sweatshirt and a pair of bleached pants and he has a computor braclet on that goes around his whole arm.
personality- He is the nicest guy you could ever meet but he is very annoying and he is not easy to be friends with.
Power- he is a genius
bio- He had a good life with his mother who did drugs and always smoked in front of him so he would get sick and he never did actually truly leave the hospital they had a spot reserved for him ever month so they would just get him fresh air. He had asthma so his mom really didn't care if she had to keep rushing to the hospital every month for his asthma. She sent him to chronic when he was 7 so he has been there for a while he is actually the smartest kid in school and everyone beats him up for it. One day he just got sick of it and beat the crap out of the kid who beat him up.[/SIZE][/COLOR]
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