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Sign Up whats the price for fame?[M-LV]


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[COLOR=SeaGreen][SIZE=2]He smirked, standing just outside the small apartment, staring up at the fifth floor. Busy people rushing by his transparent form in front of them?Honey I?m home.? They see nothing they hear nothing and deny what ever it is they feel . . . what useless creatures, drained of all value they once had . . . He ran his hands through his hair lightly and walked inside the building. His feet made no sound, his presence unnoticeable. This will be easy . . . His wings stayed untouched by the wind, He made his way up into the apartment effortlessly. Standing above the body whose spirit was on the brink of death, he was there to give her a push. Such fearful creatures these humans are . . . why does he love them. Death couldn?t understand it at all. Watching these creatures for more than six billion years made him develop a bitter hatred for them, Maybe that?s what made him so good at his job. Of course, an angel isn?t supposed to have such feelings of hate. Judgement day hun . . . He pressed his hand against her head, her eyes showing what little spirit she had left fighting long and hard, trying to tell her outer shell to try to stop what blood she had left from flowing out of her and onto the cherry wood stained carpets. Resistance is feudal that sounds familiar . . . crap..I?m never using that line again. He sighed, his hand glowing with a bright blue light that slowly drained the life out of her eyes. Her spirit departing from earth in the form of an almost white colored mist and all was calm and quiet. ?You can?t hide your hate from the lord.?A crackling voice spoke out of the corner of the room that death had just filled his presence with, like a light through the darkness. Death choked some in a sarcastically surprised tone of voice. ?Oh Gabriel . . . to what do I honor this . . . unexpected visit . ?Gabriel kept a warm hearted smile. ?You have been called back for now . . . the rest of the departures will be handed.? Will be handled. ?By whom? You?? he said slightly annoyed by the thought.?Why, of course not my old friend . . . ? the angel stood up his Curley hair falling in front of his face, a warm light glowed around him shining on everything in the room, the dead pale flesh of the cooling girl reflected the warm glow of the angel, death some times envied him but wouldn?t say it. ?You and some of the others have been replaced for a short period.? Death choked, for once, he really choked the only thought in his head being why? Gabriel just got up and made his way out of the building as quietly as he entered. Death sighed some.?What?s this about . . . ?Death glared at the ceiling as if it could melt through it. Then he too faded away into the unknown now in search of the reason he was set aside.

Far away in a distance land,...wait sorry wrong story. Ageless stories about angels have drifted through out the centuries portraits drawn, people believing that they watch over them from the heavens above and of course that is true. As are the timeless stories of angels dropping from heaven onto earth as punishment for jealousy, hate, or anger. Of course they are upset but they can do nothing about it after all they are angels without grace almost as good as humans...almost. What happens when they rebel?

Johnny smiled nervously looking up at the small group of actors that he had just presented his script to and noticed they were actually paying attention.

Audience member: Angels gone wild! it rains brimstone fire and dead people!
Author: um....no....anyway if your interested in a part in the play please let me know and show up at tryouts on the fifth! Thank you and good luck. In the mist of the busy hustle of city life , there?s still a art that?s been practiced for centuries...play writing! Johnny B. One of the least famous writes, has just gotten his big break..after writing a play involving angels that try to make their way back into Heaven after being banished for having human emotions. The origin of why he chose this one story to turn in, and why it was starting to gain so much attention is unknown but, the eerie feeling that some thing is wrong with the script that cannot be fixed by just editing alone is obvious to him. Yet pushing the idea aside that some things wrong he continues on with his plans hoping for fame and a little money on the side. But will his search for the perfect actors for the play some how cause the borders of earth and heaven to be crossed? Are the actors really acting or playing out a scene that they know to well about? Will he be able to stop before he gets in too deep? Who knows...[/SIZE]

okay not that you've got a basic idea of what the rpgs about sign up:

Name-(have fun with it make it normal or some thing that will make the other characters stare at yours blankly your choice)
Age-(please keep the age limit from 16 - 30 )
shattered angel or human-(the angels are the cause of the destruction of the world and the true creators of the play the humans are of course just people that happen to get stuck in their plan thinking their getting their moneys worth by taking an acting job)
angels needed-
angel of death
angel of time
angel of fate
angel of darkness

thank you for your time ^_^ [/COLOR]
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Guest mouselet
Name- Cairn Saraneth

Age- 16 (woo! young one!)

Appearance- She's a five foot female that always has one of her robotic pet mouses with her. She has shoulder length wavey brown hair that is usually pulled back in a ponytail when out in public. She wears black oval glasses over her brown eyes that slip down her button nose at any opportune moment. You will usually see her in a hoodie and jeans with boots or a sweater and pants with some skechers. She usually seems meek, weak, and cold; but in reality she's strong and motherly.

History- Cairn was abandoned with her sister on the steps of an orphange as a child. Ever since she was little she lived in the shadow of everyone else, silently observing what went on. Nobody liked her and she never had a family but from a young age her imagination was very active. Since reaching the age of a teenager she has decided to persue a career in the arts. She doesn't care much for acting but it does get her money to get her supplies and pay the bills. She cares alot for others which is amazing from her upbringing.

Fallen angel or human-Human (I better be getting paid.....)
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