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Art Colourist Unite

Young Cheezy

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[font=Comic Sans MS][color=Gray] After coming across threads like this on various other message boards, I decided to try it out here on otakuboards (where there at least some intelligent people). This is basically how the Colourist Unite thread will work:

I, or someone else will post lineart to color. Otakuboard members (thats you reading the thread) load up the lineart to there photoshop/psp or whatever else they use for there art and they will color the lineart provided. When there done they will post there finished results here. Other otakuboard members will critique there art and coloring.

This is open to EVERYONE. Novice to professional. This is not a tournament, graphic battle, or competition. It is too improve ones skill in coloring and to have some fun.

I'll open the floor with[/color][/font][font=Comic Sans MS][color=Gray][url="http://nephilim-designs.hammeredgames.com/colourist/6/rugglesdino.jpg"]this[/url]
([url="http://www.rdwarf.com/ruggels/"]drawn by scott ruggles[/url])

Anyone can step up to the plate and color it. Here is the coloring job [i]i[/i] did for this:

(thumbnail, click to enlarge)

So dont be shy, give it your best shot and post it here.

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