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velvet paws

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Has anyone else found that the new version of MSN has a load more glitches than the old ones?

Alot of the time messages wont send or you're kicked out for no reason, if you can even sign in that is. Sometimes your on screen name dissapears and all you have is your hotmail account name. MSN crashes twice before it will load up everytime on my PC no matter what I do or what my friends suggest I should try :eek: :mad: :butthead:

When attempting to use Yahoo messenger instead me and my friends found that it crashed at the begining of the download no matter what you did.

Surely the companies should know about these problems and have fixed them, or at least given us the older versions to continue using as messenger services have become VERY popular.

What are your views and/or suggestions on this?

I hope this isn't too off topic. I don't see why it should be as I am curious of how other people are getting along, but I'll say now this is not intentional spam.

p.s since MSN is still unreliable I've just got AOL so if anyone wants to add me and talk so I can actually work out how to use the thing.. ;)
My ID: xv jinx vx (2 spaces either side of jinx)
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