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[QUOTE=Bloodseeker]Screw them both. Go start your Berserk, GTO, or Elfen Lied collection.

Well, if you have to choose one, go with the DVDs. I haven't seen Please Teacher, but from what I hear, Tokyo Pop have all but discontinued the release of Ranma 1/2 comics.[/QUOTE]
your quite right if you have enough or a fair amount of a collection start a new one and try somthing different :animesmil
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[QUOTE=FlamesFirebrand]So this saturday I have $30. I have 2 choices I can buy

2 More dvds so Iam closer to my please teacher collection.


4 Ramna 1/2 comics.[/QUOTE]

[COLOR=Navy]I'll be getting Steamboy Collector's Gift Set tomorrow at Bestbuy or DeepDiscountDVD, so I suggest you get that.[/COLOR]
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