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Anime Trigun + Cowboy Bebop = GUNxSWORD

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[COLOR=DarkRed]From what I've seen without spoilers;

GUNxSWORD is about a mysterious man named Van (looks like Spike from CB) who is searching for a man who sports claws on his right hand (a la Vega). When one day she meets with a young girl named Wendy who is currently searching for her brother. The young girl follows Van into a city called Bridge City and find out from a group of locals that Wendy's brother is walking with the man Van is searching for. From here on out, they both set on a journey that sets them in the Futuristic Wild West.

It has a storyline that is similar to that of Trigun's and carries the soul of Cowboy Bebop. Van carries a gun that turns into a sword which also has the power to summon a mecha. Yes, a mecha. He also wears a suit similar to Brandon Heat from Gungrave.

The animation & style is the mixture of both Trigun & Cowboy Bebop so if you're a fan of both these shows, I suggest you check this out.[/COLOR] :animesmil
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