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RPG Silent Hill: Dust in the Wind (M-VLS)


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[color=darkslategray][size=1]Airplanes. Alex hated flying, but put up with it. The girl that sat next to him was quite cute, and she wore a white coat that showed her stomach. She was quiet, not speaking a lot. He preferred that. All that he noticed, really, is the pen she carried and the smile she wore.

[b]"What's your final destination?"[/b] Alexander asked her, finding himself curious. The plane shook slightly, the turbulance in the air soon calming, along with Alex's nerves. The shaking of the fragile craft, the flight attenant, before each flight telling you what to do in case of an emergency, all that was what Alex [i]hated[/i]. He barely noticed as the woman gave her answer.

[b]"Silent Hill, you?"[/b] She was pointing to her itinerary. Alex managed not to stutter.

[b]"The same."[/b] Rum croaked, and then after a moment, he asked her, [b]"What's your name?"[/b]

[b]"Syris. And you are...?"[/b]

[b]"Alexander Rumina. Just "Rum" or "Alex" to most."[/b] Alex noted the pen again. It said her name, he had figured it was the company she worked for. His eyes managed not to glance at her stomach as he pulled his head back up, his eyes closing. The plane shook more, and he had a terrible image in his head, of that strange creature splicing that man, the one running from it, apart with a huge butcher knife. It's eyes looked at Alex from it's meaty, disturbing, and disgusting pyramid head.

Blood dripped off the weapon of death held in the right hand. Alex's breathing was ragged and shallow in his seat on the plane, the cool material of the gun, made not to fire, on his leg. Detached from society in his own little world, he watched the [i]thing[/i], take a profoundly wet step, the metal case surrounding the Pyramid Head's neck and body. A gunshot. His own, the gun from his foster father firing off, even though it was unable.

A warm touch brought him back. His forehead was bleeding, and Syris had her hand on his arm.

[b]"Are you alright?"[/b] Her voice asked him, as he shook his head, trying to clear the fog.

[b]"Erm...yeah, I'm fine. Just a...well, I'm alright."[/b] Alex tried a smile, and it came out, just barely. He winced as the cut on his head stung. It was going to be a [b]long[/b] flight.


Finally, it's time to start our little walk to hell in a handbasket. Enjoy.[/color][/size]
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[size=1]Kat unlocked the door to the basement quietly, and once she had the light turned on, beckoned to her best friend Amelia. The two went down the wooden steps, and Kat skipped the second to last one, telling her friend that it creaked. The pair made it down, and Kat began rummaging through the boxes. Then, with a triumphant noise, she held up a long, thick chain identical (or almost) to the one she kept wrapped around her waist.

Amelia smiled. ?[b]Kat, I appreciate you letting me borrow this.[/b]?

Kat shook her head. ?[b]It?s all right, ?Melia. In fact, you can keep it. With all the baddies running around here, you?ll need it. I?ve found it is the most efficient weapon against them. Wrap it once around their neck, and pull; snaps the spinal cord just fine.[/b]?

Anyone not from Silent Hill would have blanched. But for Amelia and Kat, this was everyday talk and pretty common. Kat flashed her bud a smile. ?[b]Now, lets go upstairs. I?ve got some really nice dresses to show you.[/b]? The two made it upstairs, and began raiding Kat?s closet for dresses to wear to the dance.

Come time for Amelia to leave, it was dark. Kat frowned. ?[b]Amelia, we should call your folks.[/b]? Amelia nodded, and did so.

In the morning, the two woke to the phone ringing insistently downstairs. Kat picked up, and yawned into the phone. ?[b]Kat here.[/b]?

?[b]Kat. It?s Caleb. My friend Alex is coming for vacation. Could you come with me to pick him up?[/b]?

Kat glanced at Amelia, who was stumbling down the stairs. ?[b]Sure. Can Mel come too?[/b]?

Caleb happily agreed. ?[b]The more the merrier. We?re taking the Jeep. I?ll come pick you up at three, all right?[/b]?

Kat agreed, and then hung up. The day, overall, was uneventful. Then, with Kat in hip-huggers, tennis shoes, and a purple halter, and Amelia wearing her traditional mini and tank with boots, the two waited near the front door for Caleb to show up. A honk from the Jeep outside, and the two quickly made their way out, and soon the trio was on their way to the airport.

OOC: ^_^ Okay, first post done. Sorry if I made up a name for Alex?s friend, I just don?t think you ever mentioned it.[/size]
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[SIZE=1][COLOR=SlateGray]Syris glanced at Alex quickly. Twirling the pen in her fingers she look out side the window quickly. Tapping the pen on her knee she folded her legs pondering what the atmosphere Silent Hill would be like. Alex leaned his head further against the back of his seat. She watched as he stared up to the ceiling then forced another smile. Smiling back the flight's announcement came over head:

[i] We shall be landing shortly to our destination, port just a few miles off from Silent Hill. Please make sure your seat belts are fastened. Thank you, and I hope you've enjoyed you flight.[/i]

"Do you have anyone to meet up with once the flight lands?"
Alex nodded slightly wincing again. "Yeah."

Without further word through the rest of the trip, the flight ended without trouble. The two got off heading towards the check gates.

The two met again moving through the luggage. Walking towards the door, Syris stared at the waiting and meeting area of the port. Metallic with a blue tint the shined over everything. The ceiling was and slanted, open with a few small windows over head. Noticing the doors they were narrow but six of them were visible. From what she could see it was bright out side, and a good enough atmosphere.

The two stopped a little short of the door, as Alex's name was yelled out. Two girls and a male came towards him. Stepping to the side Syris took a seat on one of the waiting benches. Alex looked over to her and she waved slightly, pointing to his fast approaching trio. Crossing her legs she grabbed one of her bags taking out a note pad and grabbed the pen from her pocket. Syris started doodling.

Smiling she looked up and scanned over them, "You're friends seem caring."

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Alex turned to Syris, and smiled at her gently.

[b]"Yeah, those guys...they care a lot."[/b] His smile wore off, and he got up, taking a last glance at her. Maybe she'd be staying in the hotel that he would, as it was the only one around. Or maybe she had family or friends up here. Shrugging internally, Alex lifted up his luggage, approaching those friends that she had pointed out to him. Caleb was there, and Alex grinned, and gave him a quick "hey" and a hi-five.

[b]"Nice to see you all guys. Thanks for flying me down here, Caleb."

"No problem, I'm glad t- hey! I didn't pay for you to come down!"

"Nope, your father did. With your money."[/b] Alex told him, ready to duck from an oncoming punch. All that came was a short laugh.

[b]"Okay, fair 'nuff."[/b] He told Alex.

[b]"I think we should stay at the South Ashfield Heights hotel. Caleb, no like...erm...offense, I guess, but your house is packed enough as it is. I'LL pay, if that makes you happy enough to do it. What do ya think, Kat?"[/b]

[b]"Sounds fair enough. Glad to see you, Rum."[/b] She smiled at him, and he looked at her.

[b]"I thought I was Alex to you...or Al, which I could care less for..."[/b] Alex had his head cocked to the side in mock curiousity.

[b]"Ah, shuddup, Al."[/b]

[b]"Oh great, like dad always said...don't poke the bear."[/b]

[b]"I'm not a bear! I just get sorta irritble when people mess with me."[/b] Kat told him, in an equally mocking hurt voice.

[b]"...Let's just get checked into that hotel, okay?"[/b] Alex said, not annoyed in the slightest. The trio that had joined up with him nodded, and he looked back, one more time at the woman from the plane. Oh, how fate could be a jackass, which all those that inhabited Silent Hill would soon find out. Too soon, as it would steal away the old time talks of nothings and meaningless subjects, and replace them with the overriding need for [i]survival.[/i]

At the South Ashfield Heights, Alex pulled out his wallet, taking out the amount of money that was enough for over two weeks for the four of them. Kat, Caleb, and Amelia looked suprised.

[b]"Where'd you get all that [i]cash?[/i]"[/b]

[b]"Work. And my father won a scratch off lottery ticket. So he gave me most of it for the trip down here."[/b] He gave them each a room key, there were two rooms.

[b]"Caleb and I will take one room, Kat and Mel the other. Any objections?"[/b]

Caleb looked as if he wanted to make a suggestion that he should be with Mel, as he secretly had a crush for her, but he kept silent. Silent in Silent Hill, such irony.
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[SIZE=1]OOC: Finally! I get to post in here. *grin*

Marcus slowly woke up as the airplane encountered turbulance, and looked down the aisle several rows. A woman. A man. Together, at least from what he could gather. He gazed longingly at their conversation, wondering in the back of his riddled brain what they were talking about, where they happy, and most of all, where were they headed?

[i]Relationships after the last one are kinda ... sour to me. Lucky guy, any how. I wonder what it's like to be in a relationship where it's not about ... physical?[/i]

It burned in his brain for a while, but he shook it off eventually. Not good to be envious. But he couldn't really eradicate his complex emotions, or find the source of them. His mind screetched to a halt with the landing plane. He stood and loaded off with the rest of the passengers, but found it curious that the two he had noticed during the trip were headed towards his gate. The same baggage claim. Perhaps the same apartment complex?

He tailed the group, and came up quickly, and asked them a question conversationally.

"Where are you guys headed?"[/SIZE]
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