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RPG Ordinary Life [PG-VL possible S]

Who Am I?

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[B][color=red][size=3]WELCOME TO DELROSE HIGH!! [/size][/B]

[size=1]That's how I was greeted when I walked through the doors.

[i]This school is a great place to learn, have fun, and be [b]safe[/b]. [/i]

I believed everyword... until someone came into my life.

"Hey! You're a freshmen, aren't you?" A boy who seemed to be a junior in the school asked me.

I nodded and he smiled. I smiled back until the boy's face turned into a very terrifing face. I ran and the boy held me back.

"You aren't going anywhere. You are going to listen to me! You are gonna do my homework!" He yelled at me.

"Why d-do I ha-have to do i-it?" I managed to say.

"Because I said so. And if you don't then..." He trailed off and pointed to a direction. I looked to where he pointed. There was a boy who seemed to be in the same grade as me, but he was getting beat up by other people. I gulped.

"Well? Are you gonna do it?" He handed me a stack of papers.

I nodded and took the stack of papers. He smiled. "Good. I'm glad you took that choice."

I ran.

That's my first encounter at Delrose High and I hated it.


"WAKE UP BOOGERFACE!!" A boy who appeared to be around 8, screamed.

"Mom! Get him out of the room!" Lauren yelled and pushed her brother out of the room.

"Daniel... stop bothering your sister and get ready for school." Lauren's mom yelled.

Daniel walked back to his room and Lauren smiled.

[i]Finally,[/i] she thought, [i]that brat. Now I can get ready to go to that horrible school of mine.[/i]

Lauren grabbed a white long sleeve t-shirt and wore dark blue fading jeans. She sighed heavily as she was fixing her hair. She tied her hair up and grabbed her schoolbag. She stuffed her homework and some other papers in and walked downstairs. There, her mother and brother were waiting.

"Hey! Hurry up!" Daniel wailed.

"Alright!" Lauren took a piece of toast in her mouth and wore her shoes.

She hopped in the car and her mother started the engine. Daniel was the first one to get dropped off. "Have a nice day at school, sweetie!" Her mother called out to Daniel and waved. Daniel waved back and ran to the building. Once again, they drove. Past parks, buildings, stop signs and turn around the corner. Lauren gulped and let out a breathe. Her mother waved goodbye to her and she gripped her bag tightly. She walked through the doors of the school and found people getting pushed around already.

She back away and tried to get out of the situation.

"Hey!! Tard!!!" A girl screamed and came up to Lauren.

"My name is not 'Tard'.." Lauren looked at her.

"Whatever. My papers?" She stuck her hand out.

Lauren shuffled around her bag and gave her the papers. "Here.."

"Thanks," she snorted and added, "[i]bitch[/i].."

Lauren shrugged it off and went to her first period class.


It wasn't her favorite class because there were some [i]odd[/i] people in this class. Lauren sat in her usual seat near the window. She placed her bag on her lap and waited for the other students to arrive. [/color][/size]

[SIZE=1][COLOR=Black][b][OOC: Alright! Welcome! I finally put this up! Now on your first post, put your daily routine.. where you get ready for school and all that. Have fun!!][/b] [/COLOR][/SIZE]
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[FONT=Comic Sans MS][COLOR=DarkOrchid] [LEFT]"Luka get up right now," shouted someone banging on Luka's bedroom door. "I'm already up, Alana," Luka replied in a cold heartless voice. "Then what are you doing in there?!,"shouted Alana, Luka's new foster mother. "I'm getting ready for school. What do you think,"she shouted right back at her. She had just finished putting on her shoes when the door flew open. "Well, I need you to get of the house now. My husband is coming home with important work." She grabbed Luka by the arm and pushed her bang in her hands...

Luka usually walks to school because she thinks the bus are to noise and crowded. As she walked onto the grounds of the school she saw many juniors and seniors looking at her. One of them, a girl, walked up to her. "Hey, are you new here," she asked in a fake cheerfully voice. "And what if I am,"Luka said turning her back on her. The girl grabbed Luka's arm as she did so. Luka didn't like her touching her. She socked her dead in her face giving her a noise bleed. A teacher saw and put Luka in ISI. Whoa, that's a way to get a reputation on the first day of school.

After that day, everyone stayed away from Luka, and Luka didn't mind one bit. She loved it that way. When Luka comes to the school now a days, she sit on the ground leaning against the school building. She would have her art stuff or a notepad out. This was her every day routine.. :catgirl: [/LEFT][/COLOR][/FONT]
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Eletra walked down the hall of her fathers house and out onto the street. He was still in bed, not liek he ever got up on her first days of school. She tiped her hat over her eyes as she walked past a bad part of her neighborhood. This was her normla rutein, she woke up and got dressed and then walked through this neighborhood and to the dojo not far from her home, then to her friends house to get cleaned up and then to work...but now it was to school. She had a hard look in her eyes, she was depressed, her fiance of two years had recently broke up with her and she felt like kicking some ass. Walking into the dojo her master greeted her, he looked at her hard expression and sighed...she was still not getting over it. She got into her practice garb and stood infront of him. He had her do her warm ups, she was so full of anger it came out in her stance and skills, she was radiateing hate. Mostly pain. SHe droped to her knees a little later after wearing her-self out. He helped her to her feet and out the door to her friends house not to far, he hoped that things worked out for the best, she was slipping behind a mask of happieness, and toughness that wasn't her. HSe was losing her-self in her greif and sorrow. She was slipping from her true self.
She opened the door to the school an hour later and walked through the doors as a Senior, her last year...she was happy, but at the same time she wasn't. She wished she was somewhere else as she saw her ex passed by. She rolled her eyes, even as her heart screamed. She walked into her first class, English, how fun. She went to the back and sat down, the teacher came in and introduced him-self and the class. She was already doodeling on her paper by the time he got started. she looked around and frowned as a couple guys checked her out. She was not for sale. She asw a rough school year ahead of her. Her schedule was already getting packed...practice and brooding mostly, but then the occasional meals and fights...she was booked. Or for her anyway. This was probably her normal day...for a while anyway...
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[CENTER][SIZE=1]"Damn. Late for school." Kiwi yawned and rolled off of the couch she'd been sleeping on, slamming her fist down on the screeching alarm clock. The green numbers blinked 7:00. Walking to the bathroom of her one-room apartment, she triped over her brother's guitar. Not wanting to wake him up, she merely cursed under her breath.

He worked a night shift at his job, and held another part-time job in the daytime. He sleeps from 5-9 most days, and Kiwi really didn't want to piss him off after he'd just gotten home.

The bathroom was just as dingy as the rest of the house, smelling of old socks and toothpaste. Kiwi looked at herself in the mirror with very slight displeasure. She wasn't bad looking, and she certainly looked pretty nice for someone who hadn't gotten to sleep much the previous night due to work. She examined herself in the mirror, as most people do. A baggy gray sweatshirt draped dreamily about her shoulders was the only clothing she was wearing at the time. She quickly undressed, snapping out of her stupor to hop in her tiny shower.

The walls were covered in mildew and bits of soap scum. She showered quickly, not wanting to linger long behind the putrid curtain. [I]I have to clean that today...[/I] She promised herself that every day for many weeks now, but other things always came up. Dressing in her normal school attire, (Very dark navy blue jeans and an orange form-fitting top) she towel-dried her hair. She glanced again at the mirror, looking slightly better after having showered and dressed.

It took her around five minutes to apply gel to her hair. Most of it stuck up, and it was all pretty messy looking. Today, she didn't have time to dye it. It would remain orange and black, as it was the day before. She applied some black makeup around her eyes and slowly walked out of the bathroom, being quite cautios of her steps.

She didn't have time to eat, so a granola bar would have to suffice. She had to walk to her dreadful school, since it seemed the bus did not drive through her part of town. She pulled on a blue jean jacket that exactly matched her pants.

"Well, off to school" She muttered, somewhat meniacally. She slumped her bookbag over her shoulder and slipped on her black boots and left her tiny, dirty apartment. Glancing back at it over her shoulder, she felt sort of sad. It was quite a bit more than a mere fixer-uper, that's for sure.

On the long walk to school she saw many people she knew. Some she waved at, some she grimmaced at. After what seemed like forever, she finally reached school. Delrose High. It looked average, it looked unasuming. Ha. That's only what outsiders would think...

Kiwi had known for far too long the inner chaos of this school It was almost second nature for her to become a part of it. She entered the gates like any other student... Many new faces littered the entryway. Fresh meat for the elder students, that's all they were. They would soon find thier place as doormats or as bullies. Kiwi had not chosen to be either, but nor would she stand up for the young ones who have it coming. We all suffered from this school ,why should they be spared?

Kiwi noticed a few of the elder students that she knew quite well over to her right. They were obviously picking on a young girl. She handed them some papers and tried to walk off, a look of venom in her eyes. A taller boy grabbed her shoulder and said something to her that made the rest of the group burst out laughing. Kiwi kind of felt sorry for this girl... Maybe she should help? No. Not something she should get into, it's none of her business. At that moment, the young girl tried to pull away and the boy shoved her to the ground. That was too much. Too much for her to watch, and too much like how she'd been treated in the past.

"Oy, jerkwad!" Kiwi walked up to the boy. He turned around and smiled.

"Hey Kiwi, wasup?"

"How 'bout you don't pick on her, alright?" Kiwi felt kinda dumb sticking up for someone when she herself was commonly lumped with the bullies.

"What, is she your cousin or somethin'?" He kinda smirked.

"Close enough. Beat it!" Kiwi looked at him for a solid 30 seconds. When she saw that he wasn't going anywhere, she gave him a sharp kick in the...

"OH SH T!!!" He fell to the ground clutching himself. After a few seconds and a sharp glance at Kiwi the group all ran away.

"You all right?" Kiwi helped the girl up.

"Yes, I'm fine."

"What's your name?"

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[COLOR=Red][SIZE=1]"Lauren." She answered.

She looked at the girl who had her hair in a wild style. She wore an orange shirt with jeans. Lauren asked the girl, "What's your name?"

"Erm.. Kiwi."

"Oh I see.. Thanks. Well for you know.."

"Yeah, yeah. No big deal."

"Ok. Uhh.... I guess I'll be going."

"Okay. Later."


Lauren quickly made her way to the cafeteria. [I]Maybe I shouldn't be here.[/I]

Lauren gulped at the sight of many kids running around screaming for their lives. People usually called this the "Death Room".. it's an odd name but this is the place where people get the worst beating. Lauren decided to hurry up and get a snack and get out of this place. She hurried toward the counter.

"Hello??" She called.

"W-who's th-th-there??" The cafeteria lady stammered. She was afraid.. just like the other teachers.

"Can I have a cookie??"

"Oh it's you. Hurry up and get inside. No one will get you."

"Thanks." Lauren quickly came and hid behind the counter.

"Here. That's $.50." She said and handed the cookie.

"Thank you. Hope you stay safe."

"You too dear. Goodbye."

"Bye." Lauren ran to the exit.


"Where do you think you're going?" A girl who stood tall and seemed to be twice her weight stood in her way.

"Umm.. err..." Lauren gulped.

[I]I'm in trouble. I think I'm on her death list.. SOMEONE HELP ME!!![/I][/SIZE][/COLOR]

[SIZE=1][OOC: Posts are good. I hope Beta finishes her sign up soon. Well interact with the other characters or do something horrible do them for now. We'll just wait for others to get posting and then we'll get started.][/SIZE]
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[SIZE=1]"Rui En time for school!" Mmm yea right...

"Rui En Lee please report to the office. I repeat, Rui En Lee report to the office." Sighing Rui En headed toward the office, opening the door she trudged toward the front desk. The woman looked up at her.

"Do-YOU-SPEAK-ENGLISH?" Rui En rolled her eyes.

"I understood what you said though the intercom didn't I?"

"Oh.. well here is your schedule." The woman handed her a peice a paper with classes and times. She looked at her first class. "U.S History" She laughed " Just my day.. just my fu-" Turning around at the woman she smiled "Uh I'll go now..."

The smile faded into a frown... She lasted until lunch...Then she was forced to be happy. She saw a girl looking down at another girl. She walked toward them. Until sh enoticed they seemed to be in a conflict she steped in.

"Hey, space all around you. Choose different space and walk." The girl looked at her.

"Whatever..." then she walked away.

"Hi, I am Rui En."

"Im Lauren.

This was the beginning of a wonderful friendship.

(Hope this all right Who Am I? !)[/SIZE]
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Electra entered the caf, as usual. Tough and unmessed with. she got her lunch and was heading for the door when she heard a voice and looked back to see a smaller girl getting pushed around. She shrugged and then looked back, it was a girl that she her-self had problems with. she put her bag on the table and took off her back pack and walked over tapping the girl on the shoulder. She turned and looked at Electra and frowned.
"Yeah, me...back off."
She looked at Electra and looked back at Lauren and scoffed.
"Your not worth it anyway...runt."
Electra watched as she left and then back at Lauren.
"You okay?"
Lauren nodded, Electra blinked she was still in her fight mode, she softened her features and looked calmer.
"Hey, I'm not here to hurt you, promise..."
She nodded and looked around for a door and left in a hurry.
"Geuss I was to mean looking."
she turned and saw the problem, the other girl and her gang looked at Electra now.
"Well, ladies, hello..."
Thirty minutes later Electra came form the cafiteria with a busted lip and a black eye... Through the doors the hall could see 3 gilrs laying on the floor groaning...all sporting bruises.
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[FONT=Comic Sans MS][COLOR=DarkOrchid]Luka walked around the school searching for something to do. She had noticed a group of girls on the ground sporting bruises and cuts all over them. [I]'Hm? Looked like a huge fight broke out. To bad I wasn't here to see it,'[/I]she thought to herself gleaming down at them. She then pushed the doors to the cafateria opened and walked inside.
She looked up at the menu and found nothing of her liking. She stuck out her tongue in disgust at the choices they had. "Rotten pork soup with over cooked green beans with a side dish of half frozen pie. What a lunch,"she said mockingly as she walked off.
Not watching were she was going, she bumped into a girl not much younger than her. She staggered backwards a bit but the girl fell flat on her butt. "Why don't you watch were you're going," Luka shouted at Lauren. "I was unlike you,"she shouted back. Luka didn't have time to pick on people she barely knew, plus she didn't want to make another enemy today. Luka shrugged her shoulders. "Sorry about that," she mumbled looking toward the lunch line. :catgirl: [/COLOR][/FONT]
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[COLOR=Red][SIZE=1]"Hey! What was that about?" Rui En asked.

"I don't know.. she just.." Lauren trailed off. "Well anyways I think I better get to class. You coming?"

"I don't kno--"

"But it'll be fun!" Lauren interrupted.

"Umm... fine."

"Yay! Let's go!" Lauren tugged on Rui En's arm.

"Alright!!!" [/SIZE] [/COLOR]

[SIZE=1][OOC: Ok.. my post was short. :animeswea Anyways, posts are coming along great. [b]Next post:[/b] Begin to pick a fight!! But there has to be a reason!][/SIZE]
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