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Welcome to Cheries school for Mystical humanoids I am the dean Reshia my mother Cherie started this school so that young mystical creatures would have a good education I now carry on my mothers dream by hiring a classified staff now I hope you will enroll I'd love to see you here
Race ( anything is excepted except for regular humans and Uber Beings I will disapprove you if don't work
powers or skill
teacher or student
Up to 3 Chars
no Uber powerful beings
no regular humans
Only a limited amount of teachers I need
Phy Ed
History- Taken
Note to Marine Characters:
If you decide to make a character that lives in the ocean You should know that a complete river system running threw the school for you all to travel at your content we have supplied floating desk and waterproof paper an utensils
Name: Reshia
Age: 39
Race: Centaur
Gender: Female
History Teacher
powers or skill: I am a historical professor and a skilled archer
appearance: I have long navy blue hair because this is a school I am forced to wear clothes because I am a female filly My shirt is a sweater with red and black stripes
attitude: I am usually calm and look at things with an open mind but my pet peave is the boys who make girls make rude comments to the girls I take up my bow an arrow and shoot them at their feet it is most enjoyable to say the least
Bio: I grew up here at this school with my beloved mother Cherie who founded this school It up when she died and now make the school better trying to keep her dream alive

Name: Yuffie
Age: 16
Race: Mermaid
Gender: Female
powers or skill: I am skilled at singing and am good at slicing with my razor like fin
appearance: I have green hair with a pink starfish in it and green eyes because of the schools policy I am forced to wear a tank top it is a black tank top with one white stripe my tail fin is bright orange except for the bottom of my tail which is silver
Attitude: I am a very short tempered girl who cant stand boys who make comments because of my looks I am not to be taken lightly I am anti social and like being left alone
Bio: My mother was a student at this school and now I?m am a student I have become very good friends with Dean Reshia and I do well in school my Major?s include Phy Ed, History, and Choir
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[COLOR=DarkOrange]Hello,[B] digiX[/B].

I am locking this thread for the following reasons:

Correct grammar usage and a backstory, are [B]required[/B] for all RPs. We advise that the back story be at least[B] three paragraphs long[/B]. Requirements and recommendations can all be found in the Inn's sticky at the top of the page and also [URL=http://www.otakuboards.com/showthread.php?t=44318]here[/URL] .

[b]Thread locked[/b]

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