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Let's not. :animeswea

As a side note, I deleted the two threads you had posted in the Anime Lounge. There seems to be something of a misunderstanding at work here. OB places a strong emphasis on post quality; we encourage thoughtful discussion, and it's always appreciated when people take the time to write out articulate, point-ful (well, substitute in your preferred antonym for pointless) posts.

This applies to the Arena just as much as to any other section of the forums. Thus, it would greatly benefit you to peruse the Arena's various sticky threads, which offer deeper explanations of how RPing here works (from our basic expectations & requirements to the ratings sytem, which is mandatory). If you simply want to call out specific people (as you have attempted to do here), PMing is the way to go.

If you have any questions, feel free to private message me or one of the other staff members. Thanks.

Thread closed.

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