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Waging War-M(VLS)

Albel the Wicked

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For ages, man has thought all demons to be evil and heartless and for ages, demons have thought themselves to be the better race and tried to wipe out humans, thinking it would clense the land. This war had waged for ages. Though, there were some demons, who didn't want this war between the races. They had tried to have the humans accept them, to have a bond of peace to try to be formed. They were cast out by the humans as well, but oddly, there were humans who wished to have peace with the demons as well. They sought out to find the demons who wanted peace and they formed a treaty, showing they would respect and protect each other from their hate filled brethren. This treaty started to grow stronger with each passing year, for more had accepted peace with the other race. Now the treaty is strong and most of the demons and humans live together in peace. But, there are still some humans and demons, who still have old beliefs lying within them. Both of the hate filled races formed clans. The demons had formed the Bokori clan and the Humans the Kinari Clan. The ones who lived by the treaty, had called themselves the Mariquo. The Bokori clan had started to kill humans in the Mariquo and left their bodies, to try to break the treaty, as well as the Kinari have killed demons to break the treaty, but it held strong. The Bokori and Kinari learned of their clans and started to wage war against the other as well. It was a war between three clans, Bokori, Kinari, and Mariquo. The war had to be stopped, one way or another, before the land was stripped lifeless.

Sign Up:

Race: (Demon or Human)
Rank in clan: (Follower, High Bokori/Kinari/Mariquo, leader. First ones to sign up for leader get the job.)
Weapons: (Try medevil and feutil japan type weapons)

I'm hoping that this turns out better than my others.

My Sign up:
Name: Mikori
Age: 117
Race: Demon
Clan: Bokori
Rank in Clan: Leader of the Bokori
Appearence: Mikori has pale skin, with long silver hair. His eyes are gold and has a dragon wing out of his right shoulder blade. He wears black robes with dragon paterns on them. When he transforms into his true demon form, he is a giant black dragon.
Weapons: Outside of demon form: Katana
In Demon Form: Fire Breath, Claws, and Fangs
Bio: Mikori has lived for a long time and is still young for a demon. When he was brought into the world, he was actually raised in the Mariquo. He had learned to love humans and accept them. He had in fact had many human friends and at 30, started to develop feelings for a human girl. It was as if everything was great, but his peace loving village was attacked by a Kinari army. Mikori had fled in time, but saw everyone in his village slaughtered, event he humans. This had brought him to believe that these humans are evil. He had to kill them, so he could be happy. He joined the Bokori and raised his rank until he was the leader. Now he comands the hate filled demons to kill the humans. Like all his Bokori, he cannot go near demon seals, as long as hate fills his soul.
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((i would liike to join!!May i have two characters if soo heres the profile))

Name: Sakura
Age: appears to be 17
Race: Cat demon
Rank in clan: Follower
Weapons: claws,speed,stealth
Bio:Sakura is in the bokori clan but she does not choose to be there.her ancestry has long believed in killing humans so she is forced to follow.yet secretly she has bonded with a human...
Appearence: ((soon to come))

Name: Kyo
Rank in clan: Follower
Weapons: two katanas held at the left side of his waist
Bio:a follower of mariquo tho his parents are followers Kinari.He went against them to follow his belief and lives alone now.he is the human that sakura has bonded with.
Appearence: ((soon to come))
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I hope i can join. I will add my picture to my post. If I'm not aloud to I'll just change it.

Name: Lida

Age: 119 (appears 18)

Race: Wolf Demon

Clan: Mariquo

Rank Of Clan: Follower

Bio: Lida is a Maraquo because she believes this war is extremily, But she fights for her clan and the safety of her friends and family. Lida was born a warrior and went through harsh training to become the warrior she is know. One warning, if you get Lida mad you might want to start to run.

Persanality: Mystarious, loyal, and suspicuos. Lida is peace loving but when push comes the shove she can be a war loveing person.

Weapon: Master Bow staff

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