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Sage Kaley

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I recently picked up a manga called "Bizenghast" and I must say I bought based on the cover art, which has this dark feel to it. Anyways, I enjoyed it even though the art style was a bit shakey at times. The plot and general idea of it all was very interesting, a girl being driven mad by lost souls. It's a bit gothic, I love it.

Really I'd like to hear other's opinions of it. I would recommend it to anyone who has not read it though. I'm not sure yet if I will continue the series.

Also interesting to note that this manga was submitted to the Rising Stars of Manga competition and was a finalist.
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Guest Dionythicus
We've recently picked up the first volume of Bizenghast. The art is rather grade school compared to most manga I've looked at, but I like its simplicity. I love their costumes!! I'd like to see the individual adventures be a little longer and more involved. They move throught them rather quickly. Maybe that will change once the spirits become nastier. This would be a thrilling anime if each episode contained one night's worth of adventure.
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