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Super Star [PG] [CONTIUING]


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[SIZE=1][CENTER][B]Chapter 1: National Day[/B][/CENTER]

"... AND TOUCH THE SKIES!" Clapping followed the after the schools choir finished their singing. Ruby smiled and joined in on the clapping, Jade was busy taking pictures of the choir.

Jade... best friend.

"I love National day... they always wave a great song for the theme..." closing her eyes Ruby remembered last years national song. "Home". National Day is such a big holiday in Singapore everyone celebrates it.

Jade ran toward Ruby. "YAH! YAH! YAH!" The screaming shook Ruby out of her daze.

"Why the hell are you screaming...."

"Well I just found out some juicy gossip you would love to hear.."

With a sigh Ruby replied "What is it?"


Rubys eyes widened wide, a small word escaped her mouth. No one actually recalls what the word was... It was so faint no one could make it out. But I think it was...


"Yup. Next Monday he's gonna be here!" Jade smiled then looked at her watch. "Well I have a interview with the kid who one the chess championship yesterday... cya kay?"

"Yea..." Ruby was still in awe. Her mind was full of different thoughts... For some reason she kept getting this image of Taufik reaching out to her but she is acting hard to get and walks off. It was weird.... Not as weird as her Taufik scrapbook... Anyways....

Ruby gather her things wondering what Monday was going to be like... She was looking forward to meeting Taufik, she had the biggest crush on him. He was Malay, he had won the first Singapore Idol. He had become the biggest artist on the modern scene of Singapore. She had his album and enveyed any girl who knew him.

Sitting on the train Ruby sat there looking through her bag for a pen. She finally got it but it slipped out her hands. She watched it roll over to a pair of sneakers. The person picked it up and handed it to her.

"Sorry I was just-" As she looked at the persons face she took a step back. Who was it you ask?

"Uh.. you probably know me.. but I am Taufik..."

Standing there in awe Ruby couldn't make out a word. Taufik laughed a bit and looked down, then back at her.

"Do you know where the Marina is?"

"A few stops....away....couple blocks...."

"You mind if you show me?"

Ruby nodded her head and returned to her seat. Taufik stood holding on to one of the poles. He was noticing that the people on the bus were all read noticing him. Pointing and whispering went on.

"So whats you name?" Taufik decided to break the silence between them.

Ruby's eyes widend. "My name? Oh yea.. Ruby."

"Thanks for showing me around... my agent really didnt have the time."

"Oh. Are you saying at the Marina?"

"Yea. For my concert."

"I see."

The conducter announced the next stop. Ruby got up, "We get off here. Then it will take a couple minutes to get to the hotel."

Taufik smiled again. "Ok"

"Why is he smiling so much..." Ruby thougt quietly to herself.

"You go to school around here?"

"Yea Xi Hui High School."

"Ahh...I am technically in the 12th grade. But I have a tutor instead of class."

The walked down a sidewalk, the huge hotel was clearly in view. As they approached they saw a bunch of people. They were fans.

"Well duty calls my friend." He slipped on a pir of sun glasses and walked toward the crowd. A roar of screams, mostly girls, rised from gathering. Ruby watched from afar. Then she went off to her hourse and her normal routine. Today was a particulary odd day.

[B]Authors Note[/B]: Well...it seems good to be. Please post comments and I will post the next chapter.
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