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RPG Battle of the Bands[sign up]

9mm Avenger

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[color=royalblue] This is an experimental RPG i thought of as I was listening to Blink 182 last nite. But Anyways, the fist five people to post here are the band leaders, and other ppl can join the bands. the following info is needed:



Band posistion: base, drums, electric guitar, lead singer/lead guitarist, lead guitarist, singer and DJ(optional)

Type of Music: Punk, Punk Rock, Heavy Metal, Pop*shudder* Alternative, Country*shudder* etc.

Band Name:

Current Hit single:

Discription of character.

seems simple enough, right? [/color]
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[color=royalblue] Here's my character's discription

Name:Akira Rigfield


Band Posistion:Base guitar

Type of Music:Punk(similar to Blink-182 and Sum 41)

Band Name:No Reason for Being

Current Hit Single:Animal Fornication

Description of character:Flak jacket, boarder shorts, brown hair, blue eyes..About 5'9 in height [/color]
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Name: Craig Kensindan

Age: 14

Band position: Rythum Guitarist and Singer

Type of music: Heavy Metal (similar to Metallica), New Metal (Linkin Park, Papa Roach)

Band name: Genocide

Current Single: Holy Judgement

Description: Black leather trousers, and a black vest. Long hair and a goatie. Sweat bands and an Xplorer guitar (left handed)
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[quote][i]Originally Posted by SS Trunks[/i]
maybe DeathKnight too.........
[/quote][color=crimson]Tis possible...

Name: Ken

Age: 15

Band Postion: Lead Guitarist/ Singer

Band: Hybrid Demons

Music Type:Heavy Metal (Slipknot Style...)

Current Single: Scarred Wrists

Appearance: Black baggy shirt with the pentaram on it, spiked hair, baggy camo jeans......[/color]
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