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Writing An Ode To... [M - Anything's possible]


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I thought of this in another thread, and I decided to expand on it. When I think of more Odes than I'll post them here to. This is an ode to the band Rush, one of my favourites. Enjoy.
On Bastille Day,
they gather at Lakeside Park
Shapes of Things not-quite-human
flittered through The Trees
to meet The Priests of Syrinx,
Geddy, Alex, and Neil
Even Cygnus X-1 stirs,
saying Farewell to his King
the denzines of La Villa Strangiato
even By-Tor and the Snowdog
everyone runs the Marathon
all of them on a Mission
only Tom Sawyer didn't come,
he's still under Lock and Key,
for trying to get Somthing for Nothing.
And the Overture was played
and in the Limelight
the Priests of Syrinx rocked
spreading Mystic Rythms
and Time Stood Still
at Lakeside Park
and the Priests of Syrinx,
Geddy, Alex, and Neil,
Flew by Night,
to Xanadu,
Closer to the Heart.[/CENTER][/COLOR]

I only really expect Rush Fans to get it, but whatever.
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It sounds good, the rhythm and everything I get. I am not familiar with the band Rush, no, lol, but I take it that you've used some of the song names to create the poem. If so, that's very good; I find it hard to write something when I [i]have to[/i] add things in, but you seem to have done a good job of it!

One thing that does irk me a little about this Ode to Rush is that there are no full stops anywhere! I will let it slide if it is [i]supposed[/i] to be like that, if not, try not to do it so much because if I tried to read that aloud I'd need a respirator.

Other than that...

...Well done; I like it. Do an Ode about something everyone will get! =p
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[COLOR=DarkRed]I tried to use a song name on every line, and except for the ones with Geddy, Alex, and Neil I succeeded. It helps when you have thirty years worth of song names to chose from and a very um.. offbeat band making them. Thanks for the compliments :D

I'm sort of new to this poetic thing, so any criticizm is welcomed wholeheartedly.[/COLOR]
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