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Request Naruto Banner


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Could someone make a banner out of this picture: [URL=http://www.animezen.net/gallery/images/Naruto/nartuo253.jpg]click here![/URL]

I'd like the pic of the characters to be changed into a grayscale (that black and white effect) and placed on the right side of the banner. I don't really mind what the background looks like, just as long as it matches with the pic. And on the left side of the banner I want the words "Where do we go from here?".

Thanks in advance!
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[color=royalblue][size=1]'allo matey. I took a crack at this banner...I've never done something with greyscale before. XD The banner turned out pretty dark...I mean like, dark, not cryptic. =_=;;
I added a color overlay layer, just to give a little something to the image. I think it turned out pretty okay. ^^


...Oh my God it looks like Samurai Champloo...

Want anything changed, just ask me.[/size][/color]
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