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Writing Inuyasha Poems [E]


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New Moon Curse

I hate it...
I can't stand it...
I sit and wait as a human...
My friends could be hurt...
What is a boy to do?
I sit and wait for the morning sun...to be free from this curse...and free from this spell..
To kill Naraku is my goal...
With my head held high, and my friends at my side....I can never lose...


I look to the sky...
I smile everyday....
I cry every night...
What is wrong with me?
As I look at the young women, none compare to the daring Sango...
But if we didn't beat Naraku or I died before I did...What would she do?
Would she go for another?
Or would she tell me she loves me?
I wish i knew....

(these poems are from Inuyasha and the first one is Inuyasha and the second one is Miroku, got bored and wrote them, more to come!) :animesmil
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I hate you,
I love you,
I need you to be in my arms...
I need you to just hold me tonight...
Sit Boy!
Sit Sit Sit!
I've had it that's it!
But in the end it's true,
I'm so in love with you...

No I'm not!!!


That sums up Inu's and Kagome's relationship... the last three lines are them together.
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