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  1. I played the demo that I got in EGM, and I thought it was pretty cool. I liked the fact that I got to do whatever I wanted, like mop up the floor, only to run out of the bathroom with blood all over my hands. It made me happy, and I'll most likely buy the game for PC or PS2. After, of course, the price goes down more... the cheap loser that is me... ^_^
  2. That's true. I've noticed in all card games that the evil corporations making them will milk you of your milk money by saying, "No, you can't use (enter random old card here), but here's (new card with same effect) instead! It's ultra mega rare though..." not really, i lied, but the older card editions are being taken away and the newer card editions are totally different, meaning you have to change your deck entriely. Transition to [B]ANIME[/B] : ~~~~~~~~ What is up with Yu-Gi-Oh G/X? All the characters look like freaky-fan-fiction-couple-matches of the other series' characters (like the guy who looks like YuGi and Weavil.... Ewww much? Also, all the cards are all new and I have no idea wtf they are. Also, there are only like, 7 cards per person that they ever play. What happened? 4000 life points and a 15 card deck? Someone explain before the voices in my head convince me that it's a terrorist plot to give the children attending prep-schools servere paper cuts and steal their souls... please. :animestun :animestun :animestun :animesigh
  3. I hate you, I love you, I need you to be in my arms... I need you to just hold me tonight... Sit Boy! Sit Sit Sit! I've had it that's it! But in the end it's true, I'm so in love with you... No I'm not!!! ~~~~~~~~ That sums up Inu's and Kagome's relationship... the last three lines are them together.
  4. the sadest part of an anime was in Cowboy Bebop when [spoiler]Ed leaves the Bebop and Ein follows too... dammit they were my favorite characters :mad: But Spike dying doesn't bother me... It was sort of happy even[/spoiler]
  5. hmmm, some more anime that I didn't mention: The music from Big O (not the opening and closing, just the fillers) is awsome... then again I just love that Jazz :animeswea the Dai Guard opening is happy and care-free and VERY VERY catchy (Ba, ba ba ba, ba ba ba, ba ba BARARARARARARA) sorry about the sudden outburst of rage at inu's #6 ending... It's just too.... happy. all the other themes are mellow and sometimes morbid (Fukai Mori: satnding in a deep forest hoping to reach the person you love, but you can't move... for eternity...) It's just what I've come to expect from Inu themes :animesigh
  6. Yeah, I had bought a ps2 a few years ago at best buy, and I chose to get the 2 year exended protection policy. In the event that anything, erm, happens to it, I can return the broken product for it's price in store credit. I had bought it for 179.99. When the new ps2 thinny came out, i decided to take advantage of our capitalist society. :animeswea . So, after about 3 tries, my ps2 accidently FELL OFF MY DESK and broke. Did I mention it landed on a screwdriver, which hit it right on the fan and broke through and stabed the disk drive? Oh yeah, I got a thinner ps2 and $30 baby. :D :p :D
  7. yes, it is very easy to move around the internet, but I've had a problem with large pages. It says that there's not enough memory :.( :animecry: oh well, it's still a fricken sweet feature :D
  8. ghosts? Maybe, maybe not. The only thing I think really exist are demons. If you've ever gotten the creeps from an everyday ordinary object (say, a toy truck) chances are that it's a thing of PURE EVIL and that you should purify it. Or burn it. Either way, demons exist and there's no denying it. On a more serious note: graveyards don't creep me out, and I don't see what there is to be afraid of. Dead people OOooOOoo. If you are afraid of dead things, then why don't you freak out over a hamburger? The only thing that creeps me out are Moderators... :animedepr :animeswea :p
  9. Name: Usigi Uschi Age: 18 Gender: Male Nationality: German/Japanese Apperance: Spiked blonde hair, grey eyes, white tee shirt, camo pants, and combat boots. He is tall, and has very long arms and legs. He has a scar that runs the entirety of his right leg and side. A tatoo on his left arm is of a pikachu holding a handgun. Pokemon: Raticate (Rat-Pack) Alakazam (Psycho) Starmie (Dazzler) Biography: One day in his early childhood growing up in Berlin, Usigi was playing with his favorite toy engine. His mother walked in and gave him an afternoon snack. Of course, the food went unnoticed as the toy train was much more exiting. When he finally did hunger, he relized the food was missing. Curious, he looked around the room. What he found would turn out to be his life friend. Rat-Pack was his first pokemon. At first, it was weary of him. But, as time went on, they grew to be better and better friends. Rat-Pack would spend his time out of a pokeball, but would allow himself to be contained if necisary. They grew up together, and when Usigi was 16, Rat-Pack evolved. That was when Usigi and Rat-Pack started battling in tournaments. On the way from the local battle dome one day, Usigi was ambushed by a gang of Kadabras. Rat-Pack defended him, and defeated all of them. This angered the Alakazam, the leader of the local rabble. In a heated battle, Alakazam was defeated by Rat-Pack's Hyper Fang attack and, using the pokeball won at a tournement, Usigi captured Alakazam. The three went on to win many battles and were ranked as some of the highest in Germany. On his 18th birthday, Starmie was given to Usigi by his mother, who had a secret passion for pokemon and had raised it all her life. Using this powerful trio of pokemon, Usugi hopes to one day become the pokemon champion of the world!!! (~cheesy)
  10. Cowboy Bebop has the best music period... I love Yoko Kanno's voice and the music rocks. Also, the ending themes from InuYasha are ok, but girly. I'm into punk rock, so Ready, Steady, Go! from FMA rocks it hard-core, as does Ride On Shooting Star from FLCL. But, the thing with anime music, is that the music doesn't necisarily have to be good if the show itself is good. After listening to the themes before and after, you are conditioned to think of the anime whenever you hear the song. So: the songs obtain a certain form of nastalgic value (if I do say so myself) Shout out to the Inu Yasha ending theme #6: [B]YOU S-U-C-K[/B] Erm, forgive me... *cough* :animeswea
  11. well, if you really want to get better, you can buy it for xbox/psx/ps2 along with a mat. it'll take a while, but soon you'll be a dancin' fool thinkin' that heavy mode is too easy :D
  12. Chroniosis

    Gaming Dark Cloud 2

    I rented the game once, and I really liked it, so I bought it. The only problem I have with it is that there's too much for me to do in to. I'm at the fourth town, and I'm half-way through the dungeon. I made the huge mistake of going to school, during which i have no time for gaming (untill weekends) so I left it for a while. A few days later I pick up the controller and think ~~~ Ok, today I'm going to beat the game! ~~~ But alas! What's this? An invention recipe? OHHHH! A windmill, a robot and a rent-a-cop? I know where those are!!! So I end up running around doing meaningless tasks so I can invent a fish tank and abuse innocent fish -_-" Wow...
  13. I must admit that I love DDR. I played it at the arcades on Light mode all the time. It was when i got DDRMAX2 and a mat for ps2 that I really got into it. I've pretty much mastered all the songs on Heavy by now, exept for MaXX Unlimited (I'm getting there), Vanity Angel (WHY!?!?!), and Xenon (damn you Mr. T!!!). I take it to parties (along with two mats and my tiny ps2) and entertain my friends with the neat tricks I do, such as constantly spinning around on Tsugaru and getting an AA. They all envy me so much (sarcasm). :D :D :D :animecry:
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