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Armageddon 2924 - Many Shades of Darkness (M- L and Excessive V)


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1. The back story and intro is kinda long...You can skip the dates if you want, their not that important.
2. The fact that this has a Sub title, means that if all goes well, there will be atleast one sequal.

'Mankind?s finest hour...could be its last.'

[b]Armageddon 2924[/b]: [i]Many shades of Darkness[/i]


2523: Man kind encounters the Edell, a sentient race from the planet Eldarin orbiting Betelgeuse. They first come with a offer of peace, and the two races work together. Suddenly and without warning the Edell battle fleet arrives in human space on a course for Earth. The resulting war lasted three years, finally the forces of Earth overpowered and destroyed Eldarin with the largest nuclear assault in history. But not before downloading the vast libraries of knowledge the Edell had.

2653: Man kind develops the Slip Stream Technology Research Corps

2799: The first working prototype Slip Stream Engine is created at a price of $394.6 billion dollars

2820: The first and second Slip Stream Engines are created.

2863: Three final Slip Stream Engines are created.

2873: Construction begins on five colony ships.

2900: Construction complete on Colony ships.

2919: The Five ships are given trajectories and launched.

2923: Colony ship 03 contacts unidentified object in deep space.


?Sir, we have a blip.? The radar officer called from his station. The captain walked quickly over, ?What is it?? The officer looked at the screen, ?I don?t know, its big, thirty thousand yards at least.? The captain sighed, ?Do we have visual.?
Another officer turned, ?Sorry sir, not visual, no heat radiation either sir.? The captain turned, ?No heat? Maybe this is a glitch in the system?? the com officer shook his head, ?We?re being hailed sir.? The captain looked at the man, paused as he thought what to do. ?Bring it up on speaker.?

The sound brought up was strange. The computer was not translating. ?Computer, translate communication.? The Captain ordered. A ruff voice replied, ?Negative, this language is not in my database.? The officers all looked at the captain, they had a massive database of languages. ?Computer, can you possibly translated using your current knowledge?? There was a pause. ?Yes, one moment.? There was silence. The radar officer directed the captains attention to the screen, the large blip was moving quickly. ?Sir we have a visual!? One officer yelled, ?On screen.?
Every one looked at the visual screen. A massive ship floated in the void of space. ?I?ve never seen anything like that.? Some one mumbled. The captain took off his hat, pulled at his pants and sighed. ?It?s a war ship.? The others looked at him, ?How can you tell sir? There isn?t much sign at all of what it is.? The captain bowed his head, ?I can see the fighter bays opening.?

Moments latter hundreds of tiny dots appeared on the radar, ?Attack sir! They are attacking us!? The captain turned, ?Red alert. Get all civilians to secure locations. All military units are active as of now. Bring up the shields 50% rear reroute power to the front shields.?
A few moments later replies began pouring from his men?s lips, ?Frontal shield at 150% sir. Rerouting nonessential power systems to the shields and auto cannons sir.? ?Sir, Alpha threw Foxtrot squadrons ready for launch.? ?Launch all squadrons.?
?Sir, would you like the slip stream engines warmed up?? ?Warm them up.? ?Yes sir, warming up slip stream engines.?

The captain looked at the different video monitors that had come online. Six squadrons of fighters converged in front of the colony ship, preparing to counter the massive swarm before them. The alien ship launched a volley; the shots glanced off the shields. But a few got good strikes near the bridge. ?Prepare torpedo tubes 1 to 15 and 29 to 34. Why aren?t my earth shakers firing!?? the captain yelled, ?Sir, earth shakers are having a hard time locking on to the target.? The captain pointed at the view screen, ?Do you see how big that damn thing is? Target visually damn it, I want my earth shakers firing!?
A few moments later the earth shakers began to fire. Loud thunders were heard all over the ship, the massive cannons had such recoil that they often sent shock waves across the entire ship. Thirty six blasts shot out, tearing across space, ripping threw the small alien craft, and blasting full force into the main ship.

?Sir, systems have a grasp on the other ship now, there shields are running nearly six times as strong as ours.? The captain nodded, ?What is there weapons power?? The man shrugged, ?From what the computer can tell, slightly more powerful than us. But we should fire much faster.? ?Good, Fire those torpedoes and prepare an EMP warhead, lets see what it can do.?

The torpedoes scorched across the space between the two ships, a few hit fighters, causing massive waves of fire the burned out quickly as the fire ate out the oxygen. The rest hit the shields, causing little damage. ?Sir, EMP ready.? ?Fire.? The torpedo launched, it flitted threw the small ships, the onboard computer guiding it, and detonated on impact with the shields. ?No good, all there ship systems are still up, but there was a hole in the shields.? The captain nodded, ?Ok, lets work with it.? ?Sir, our fighters are engaging.? The captain looked at the fighter view screen, they were doing very well. ?Inform me of there progress. Prepare for nuclear weapons use. Two nukes to every EMP. EMP?s will guide in the nukes. Let?s get them quick.?

The battle continued, each ship constantly firing with small artillery, not doing to much damage to the other, but every few moments the firing from one ship would halt long enough to launch a volley. Just as Colony 03?s earth shakers paused and the ship launched its nukes the alien ship came alive, a vast amount of fire power from every gun on board; intercepting the torpedoes before they were out of range of the colony ship. The vast explosion that ensued crippled the shields and many onboard systems of the colony ship, along with destroying many fighters both human and alien.

The alien craft sent out another group of small ships, boarding craft. They zipped forward and started locking on to the different entry points of the ship?


You will play a surviving soldier of colony 03. Your job is simple, help save Earth.

Name: futuristic please
Age: people live much longer, so don?t be afraid to get old
Appearance: (all characters are wearing standard issue Colonial uniforms and armor, what do you look like other wise)
Weapon specialty: (View Underground for specialties)
Rank: Will be given
History: long or short, what ever floats your boat...more important, what ever gets your point accross.

There is a limit of six players, me being seven. Sign up even if you are number seven or eight, because you never know...

I would like serious stories, no super specialists, none of that "He was an expert sniper from birth" stuff, they are normal soldiers who get a little lucky and have just the right skill. If you are the best fighter in the universe, than it would be no fun.

Ok, let the end begin!
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