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Discuss Armageddon 2924 - Many Shades of Darkness (M-LV) "Beyond the Darkness"


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Welcome to the Amaggedon 2924 - Many Shades of Darkness Underground thread!

This is the place to review characters and events of note form the main game. This is also the place that you will find read outs for all weapons.


Once the Game gets going this note will be replaced by a list of playing characters and there controler

[b]InGame Characters:[/b]

Again, once the Game gets going this will be replace, by a list of important non-player characters that will be updated as you come across more.

[b]InGame Events:[/b]

This is will be a list of Events you may want to look back on, for what ever reason.

[b][i]NOTE[/i][/b] Please be realistic with weapon specialty, not all snipers or heavy weapons!
Also, the DLa Grenade launcher can be taken as an extra specialty if you take the battle rifle.
Weapons [b]KEY[/b]: (From lowest rank to highest)
Damage: Low, Medium, High, Very High, Heavy
Range: Short, Medium, Long, Very Long
Accuracy: Low, Medium, High, "Bounce" depends on angle, distance, and target.
Fire Rate: Single Shot, Semi Auto, Auto, Fully Auto (No reloading involved) Burst (three shot per trigger, raises accuracy slightly)

[i]Pistol[/i]: Simple hand gun, can be silenced
Damage-low range-short/medium accuracy-medium fire rate-semi auto

[i]SMG[/i]: Sub Machine Gun, can be silenced
Damage-low/medium range-short/medium accuracy-low fire rate-auto

[i]Assault Rifle[/i]: Standard Rifle
Damage-high range-medium accuracy-medium fire rate-semi auto

[i]Battle Rifle[/i]: Higher offencive effectiveness
Damage-high range-medium accuracy-medium fire rate-semi auto/burst

[i]Flack Rifle[/i]: A revamped Riot Gun/Shot Gun type weapon
Damage-high range-short accuracy-medium fire rate-semi auto

[i]Sniper Rifle[/i]: self explanitory (silenced)
Damage-high range-very long accuracy-high fire rate-semi auto/burst

[i]EL4 Sniper Rifle[/i]: suped up version
Damage-very high range-very long accuracy-high fire rate-single

[i]M2 Ops Rifle[/i]: Close/urban combat, specialty weapon, (silenced)
Damage-medium range-short/medium accuracy-medium/high fire rate- auto/burst

[i]DL1/DLa Grenade Launcher[/i]: A grenade launcher (DLa is attachment for Battle rifle)
Damage-heavy range-medium/long accuracy-bounce fire rate- single shot

[i]DMx Rocket launcher[/i]: Big, heavy weapon
Damage-heavy range-long/very long accuracy-high fire rate-single shot

[i]DML3 auto cannon[/i]: A 60. cal on steroids
Damage-heavy range-medium accuracy-low fire rate-fully auto

[b]Final Note[/b] If you have any questions about the game feel free to ask them in this thread.
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