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A Woman's World [M-LS, V poss]


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[SIZE=1][center][size=2][b]A Woman?s World Underground[/b][/size][/center]

Alright, I?m making this to answer general questions and concerns you may have about this RPG. First of all, it?s going to be arranged in a chapter format, so not everyone may be posting in the chapter. Below you?ll find some general information.

[b]Lodging:[/b] Everyone lives lavishly in this RPG ? the Mistresses are the most powerful women in the world, and of course they?d have nothing shoddy for their servants either. They?re a direct reflection upon themselves, like children.

Each Mistress will have a separate bedroom from her servant, but they will both share a kitchen that separates their rooms. So each Mistress/servant pair will share a lodging ?unit? within the Earth Almighty Queen Compound. These units are located in a cluster together, in the residential wing of the Compound, so it?s fairly common to run into another Mistress or servant.

Keep in mind that you will rarely leave the Compound; it?s a very self-contained environment, and it?s heavily guarded and patrolled so as to prevent people from entering without proper identification. No man leaves the grounds without his Mistress.

[b]General Locations at the Compound:[/b] So that this doesn?t get stale, I?ve made some other areas you can go to.

Tennis Courts
Field: [I]A really large field with trees scattered about ? great for picnics.[/I]
Recreation Room: [I]Has hologames, ping-pong, foosball, table hockey, etc.[/I]
Mistress Lounge: [I]Requires a card that only Mistresses have, and contains large holodisplays, a bar, a library of uncensored books, as well as plenty more luxuries.[/I]
Servant Lounge: [I]Accessible to both Mistresses and servants, but Mistresses are rarely seen there. Has a medium size holodisplay, a pool table, and holochess.[/I]
Library: [I]Has only censored books, and a great number of computers.[/I]
Mistress Cabinet: [I]Where the Mistresses work. This contains a worldwide broadcast holodisplay. Requires a card that only Mistresses have.[/I]

[b]Mistress? Work:[/b] Mistress lead the world. As you could imagine, you make laws, abolish them, and make huge political decisions that the affect the entire world. During the RPG, I hope to stay away from the deeper mechanics, as it would get kind of dry, but in some chapters I?ll have you decide upon controversial laws that will affect the entire world. But don?t think these choices you make will be inconsequential in terms of the RPG ? they?ll matter a whole lot. Read below.

[b]Worldwide Happiness:[/b] All the Mistress? decisions as far as the world is concerned affect the world?s happiness level. I?ll decide how that rises and drops, depending on what you all do (ex: you up the drinking age, happiness goes down). Depending on the happiness level, the world will react. I?m talking parades in your honor to mass revolts. If the world is unhappy, the other Mistresses will depose the one who made the world so unhappy (in extreme circumstances only). If the world is really happy, the Mistress who did that will get more power over the others, and in turn get to choose what happens to their own servants. Really, I?ll be playing the world?s happiness level, and you?ll see it at the beginning of each chapter.

I hope I explained everything? if not, PM/IM me, or reply here. I?ll help you, I promise. Expect this RPG up by tonight.[/SIZE]
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