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Crimson tears...[pg 13. mild violence and language]


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[color=pale green][i] If I had gone back, it would have been different.A life of changes and a life of tears would wash away the blood on my hands.But,alas it never did.Now,I'm in a new body,being allowed to have a new life and nothing is as great as some would say...[/i]

Okay...if you're confused on the first part,this is where I explain a little about it.

A long time ago,a girl died in the hands of a slayer.The slayers name was Flamina and she had two sides,each occuring on night and day. In the day,she was kind and sweet,helping others when no one asked.As generous as can be. Then,when night rolled around she was an evil being with one thing on her mind; to kill.

She slayed hundreds of innocent people and most were those she had helped out in the day. The girl she had killed was a young girl that was odd. She was an flame summoner,which she can summon fire from anything.

When the girl was dead,a massive fire encased Flamina and scorched her to death. Now, it is 400 years later and a girl by the name of Kaji Hono. Little does she know is that the visions she's been having are alot more than what they seem.The young giril who died is reincarnated into Kaji and Flamina is reincarnated into Kaji's sister Kora.

When the two reincarnated spirts find out they're right in close range of finishing off a long awaited revenge,the two sisters are pulled into a fight they can't escape. In order to end the fued is either fight one another or kill themselves.

This is one thing they don't want to engage in but what choice do they have?

~~If this is still confusing pm me and I'll explain it entirly.

Okay peoplez, this is what I need from all of you if you want to join.




Race:(Are you a demon half demon or human OR are you a keeper:explain later)

Side(Flamina or the young girl named Ariya):



Pic of what charrie looks like:

Summery of what your character can do:


Okay,that's for you all guys to fill out. Here are some names from here if you want to use them.If you decide to use them,I'll pm everyone that you will be playing that person and what they do and what they look like.

Kaji Hono:Reserved for first person to pick one of the characters...

Kora Hono:REserved for second one.

Malika Taju

Kairi Duad

Mark Jidai

Yuki Kokora

Ichigo Sorya

Here's my character...

Name:Kori Kzae

Age:16(really 400)

Powers:Ice and wind: Surge of blizzard;Dragon of a thousand wind blades;Sheer cold

Race:Keeper of the butterflies.


Weapons:A katana and her light butterslies

Personality:Calm and not very talkative.When she talks it is quiet and sound wise.When she is angry,she will yell and become almost immpossiable to get to calm down.She doesn't like to be called a freak and doesn't like people who user her for ehr powers.


Summery:She is not a very good fighter but she is strong. Her surge of blizzard can shoot a burst of icey wind and paralize her oppenent. Her Dragon of a thousand wind blades can generate blades of wind which can be counted up to a thousand. Her blades are just a figment of her oppenents imagination but, it can make the person go insane or really think they're being hurt. Sheer cold is her most powerful attack.It can send giant icecicles from the ground and follow her oppenent everywhere it goes untill it hits. It also sends up Ice Shikigami to distract her oppenent from what will possiably be their doom.

Bio:Her past is shadowed and she doesn't know who her parents are.All she knows is that they're dead and she has lived for 400 years. She is on the young girls side because Kori thinks her parents died by the hands of Flamina.

I hope this will be a successful rpg...i hope many will join.[/color]
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