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Art Layers, Masks, Colors... So confusing !


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Hello ^ ^ !
Excuse me for my poor English, but I'd like to know if someone here have / know some good drawing tutorials for Photoshop (CS)... (like a website with screencaps, etc)
I actually have some problems with the Layers, and Coloring... :animedepr
I tried to do some lineart with photoshop but i realized that i didnt know how to use those layers T__T!
Or... Maybe that I'm really stupid because I have the same problem with the layers in Oekaki BBS !! O__O !!! (i can do the lineart but not the background)

(Hope the moderators won't delete this post !)
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[SIZE=1]Hey, cunimimi.

If you could elaborate on what problems exactly you're experiencing, I could walk you through. But as it stands, go to [B][url]www.pixel2life.com[/url][/B], and on the left navigation bar click on "Photoshop." It should allow for you to search for tutorials.

I hope that helped.[/SIZE]
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