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Sign Up The Memory Suckers [M-VLS]

Guest ReKell

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Guest ReKell
[FONT=Franklin Gothic Medium][COLOR=Purple]The girl stared into the hollow cloak of a person that wasn't there. A cold feeling entered her body and soothed her with a calming sense of numbness and shock. A shreek was heard far away and the hollow cloaked person vanished in a cloud of smoke. The girls name was Rekell. She fell into unconciousness. She first hand found out later that she had lost some of her memory. All she remembered was the cold numbing feeling that took her body over with no acceptence.

Her friend Faith called to her as she was having a flash back of the numbness."ReKell" "What the hell happened to you?" Faith asked concerned. ReKell replied "What the **** was that?" Faith started to explain the story as if she was a narrator. She told ReKell that her and her friends banded together to fend off the memory suckers. Faith remembered also that ReKell's boyfriend that had supposedly died before the attack had become a memory sucker. His name is Rama and he is still very much alive. The reason Faith told ReKell was that she had lost some of her memory. Faith is a wise Seer and Mc and a Demon.

Mc (Mcatheral), Demon, Seer,Angel, are all different races, but this does not begin to explain all the different races that there are.

Mcatheral: Biggest race in the magical world
Demon: Belived to be evil, but there are good people
Seer: Can see all
Angel: Has turned to be evil, explainations are not vital

This was the beginning of a long journey for the men and women that fought for there lives and memories in the magical world.

Name:The names of the abnormal beings in the magical world
Age:Seers are immortal, and everything else random
Race:See above or PM me for other races
Appearance:Pic or detailed description
Bio:What's been going on after memory has been sucked

Sumed up the characters join an alliance to fight the memory suckers and gain their memories back.Different ideas for a character please PM me.[/COLOR][/FONT]
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