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Sign Up Prince of Pirates: a one piece RP ^_^ [rated PG-13 for V and L]


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It?s been 3 years since Monkey D. Loofy has claimed One piece and has become King of the Pirates he has fought many different men after his coveted title but none of them in his eyes show the spirit, compassion, and heart that he had on his journeys and so he has issued challenge to all the pirates in the seas he has called this challenge ?The Prince of pirates challenge? to find the one pirate crew that has the heart to find one pirate or crew with the heart he had a young pirate named Zach has heard about the challenge he worships the legacy of Loofy like Loofy he has a cursed fruit power he ate the Mag-Mag fruit and he can control how magnetic he is now in true Loffy fashion he starts out his journey alone in a barrel to beat ?The Prince of Pirates challenge?
Crew: ( 5 members per)
Cursed fruit power: ( Opiotinal)
Crew name: (If u plan on having a crew)
Personality (Optional)
Apperance: ( PIc or description)
Back round:
Minimum of 3 chars per person
Maximum of 5 chars per crew
No god chars

Name: Zach
Age: 14
Gender: Male
Crew (If I can get one): Magnet crew
Cursed fruit power: Mag-Mag fruit ( can control magnetic pulse around his body)
Back round: Has always idolized Loofy and his crew he actually met Loofy once where he found the Mag-Mag fruit he smiled as loffy grinned as Metals stuck to him when he heard about the PoPC Zach smiled as he set out on his journey drifting in a barrel just like loffy did
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hmm sounds interseting.I guess I'll join...can it also be girls too?

Name:Ariya Flare



Crew(If I get one...)

Cursed fruit power:Flam-Flam fruit( can control fire and create fire from the plam of her hands and fingertips.)

Personality:Stubborn,doesn't take no for answer,and can be rough and very mean when it comes to fighting.Can be NICE once in awhile but that is very rare.


Back ground: Ariya,when she was 12,began to play with fire. Her father, one day, came home with some kind of friut with red dots all over it.Ariya eat it and was granted the power of fire.She then became a loner and decied that sea was where she could really test her strength out so for half of her life,she sailed the seas and fought one bad guy after another. There were times when she came upon the Straw hat crew but,they left as fast as they came and she never got the chance to meet Zolo,the guy she likes.She is kind of good with swords and she likes to practice every day to build up her strength.
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Dear, I'm not quite sure if you know this, but there's already a One Piece character who's eaten a fire-type Devil Fruit. Just in case you haven't gotten that far, I won't spoiler the character or anything, but I just thought I'd inform you. Just in case.

(Oh, and by the way, Zoro's real name is, er, Zoro. Not Zolo. But whatever floats your boat.)

I won't be joining it, but good luck with the RP. :3
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