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[Font=Arial]I've been racking my brain for a good RPG for a while now, and I think I may have actually found something. XD

The conept'd be a time travel type of expereince, with 6 people.

The story'd start in Rome, where the six people all meet for the first time in some attraction, and are sucked back into the past through a time gate. From there, they're dropped into an imporatant event in the history of the world, and things fly amuck from there.

Obviously, they being there would disrupt things a bit, but I was thinking of having it actually effect some of the decisions that the figure of the event made. Some such examples would be Constantine's decision to convert Rome to Christianity after seeing a vision "sent by God". From there a whole stem of problem arise, and as the group keeps traveling, things only get worse.

And as for the character's themself, things'd actually be pretty laidback. Each character'd have a special talent that would be essential as they traveled.

I was thinking of having someone who picked up on the natice language very quickly. This person'd most likely have a background in more than one language, and the skills'd grow as they continued traveling.

Another person with an increased muscle mass, giving them more strength. Once again, they'd most likely have a background in using the mass, anything from weight lifter to policeperson.

A third with archeological knowledge of the layout of various cities. Now with this one, it's important to notice that it is likely that this person'd have either spent time on various archeological digs whether as a spectator or worker would be up to the player.

From there, with the other three, I was thinking of doubling the skills over, making it a bit easier to narrow down your choices, and set up my next point.

Groups. Each time they warped, they'd be seperated into groups, or even seperated alone. At first, it'd be all about trying to find the portal and each other, but things'd change as they began to see the consequences of their actions.

So yeah, the backstory and whatnot needs alot of work, but I figured I get the idea out, and see what people thought about it, and thier ideas.

With the rating, I wasn't really sure, so I just made it PG for the time being.[/font]
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