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Art Game Prophets: Layout, Work In Progress.

Hittokiri Zero

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Even though I don't play that many video games anymore a friend of mine convinced me to help him create and work on a video game website entitled "Game Prophets".

Expect some major changes to the layout in the final version, but what you see above should give you an idea of how it's going to look.

(The "Version Nintendo", "Sony", etc. text will most likely be changed by the final version it was just added to show people one of the things we have planned for the site; rather than divide the gaming community or give one system/company more exposure we're trying to provide an equal balance between the three which is why we will provide three different skins (one for each major gaming company)).

EDIT: I also need a new tagline/slogan as "informative video game reviews" isn't going to cut it x_X; any help would be appreciated...

<--- Copied and pasted from my Shadowness.com account (where I go by the name "Synchromesh") =P...

Game Prophets logo link --->
[size=5][color=red][URL=http://img395.imageshack.us/img395/9326/untitled1copy7kq.jpg]CLICK HERE TO VIEW THE LAYOUT[/URL] [/size][/color]
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[SIZE=1][B]Hittokiri![/B] Jeez, it's been a long time since you last posted. Make it more frequent. ;_;

The layout feels disjointed, and altogether doesn't flow. Very good elements in there, though. Very good.

The [B]top[/B] of it with Link and "Game Prophets" is genious, and the navigation buttons are pretty solid too. However, your problem (IMHO) is that green bar. Perhaps it's the text, maybe it's the color, but it needs a change. It feels a bit too prominent, and draws my eyes in more than the logo itself.

The [b]side[/b] with the bubbles housing the video game images feels a bit too spacy. Reduce that, so that you have more room to put text. It feels sort of alone and 'out there,' with nothing else to support it. Maye if you added in sample text I could see how it works?

I think you need something central that will unite the entire layout. Maybe a larger image of cell-shaded link would be in order. That way, he could hang over the navigation, and tie everything together, instead of hiding at the top.

Keep it up, man. Your art is wonderful.

PS - What brush did you use for the black? Or was that a regular brush and a texture on it?[/SIZE]
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- Okay well thank you for being the lone commentator :'x. I agree with you about the right side of the banner feeling empty so I am currently trying to add something to that side of the banner.

- The biggest challenge with that is that I don't want to make things too complicated as that would make creating the banners for the Sony and Microsoft skins too tedious (the actual plan is to provide multiple Nintendo skins, multiple Sony skins, multiple Microsoft skins, etc; the only differences between the skins would be in the image in the banner and the color of the "green" bar in all of the sample images).

- As for the green bar attracting too much attention... Meh once again you bring up a good point, I personally like bright colors when designing layouts but I think lowering the contrast on the bar (as can be seen in the sample below) will solve that problem.


EDIT: I haven't finalized the color/shade of the green for "teh bar" and although i'm liking the image of Link on top of the navigation bar if I do that with the image of Link i'd have to do that with all the images so that the layout stays uniform (more text might also be added to the navigation bar and I don't really like the idea of the stock image splitting the navigation text into two sides).

EDIT2: There's more to the gray bubble thing I just haven't finished it yet =P *see upper right of image*
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[SIZE=1]It's looking better already, I'd say. Having link standing on top of the bar looks better than him hiding like a coward.

There's not much else to comment on except that gray blobish mass, just floating there. I sure hope you do something nifty with that, because I'm at a complete loss as to guessing what might go there. But I have faith in you, Hittokiri. I'm sure that the current blob is going to transfer into something awesome.[/SIZE]
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