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Discuss Tempest Stones - Beneath the Waves [PG-VL]


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[SIZE=1][COLOR=TEAL][CENTER][B][U]The Tempest Stones[/B]
[I]Beneath the Waves[/I][/U]


[I]Sorry about before, I haven't posted in the Underground for a while[/I]
Greetings all, this first post is just listing the information for the RP that would have clogged up the recruitment thread. If you have any questions about the RP, ideas and so on feel free to post them here.


[U]The Gods and Goddess[/U]

[B]Ahti[/B] ? God of the Ocean, known to be calm and wrathful.
[B]Yaw[/B] ? God of Ice, aloof and detached from the other Gods.
[B]Paricia[/B] ? God of the Tides, noted for his ever changing attitudes.
[B]Nereus[/B] ? God of the Waves, often quiet and unimportant but always there.
[B]Varuna[/B] ? Goddess of Storms, highly emotional.
[B]Tlaloc[/B] ? God of the Rivers, the peacemaker God.
[B]Kura-Okami[/B] ? Goddess of the Rain, bringer of calm.

[U]The Tempest Stones[/U]

[B]Ocean[/B] ? Sapphire of Ahti.
[B]Ice[/B] ? Opal of Yaw.
[B]Tides[/B] ? Emerald of Paricia.
[B]Waves[/B] ? Ruby of Nereus.
[B]Storm[/B] ? Crystal of Varuna.
[B]Rivers[/B] ? Pearl of Tlaloc.
[B]Rain[/B] ? Diamond of Kura-Okami.

[U]The Weapons[/U]

[B]Sword[/B] ? Weapon of Ahti, power to control the waters of the Ocean.
[B]Bow[/B] ? Weapon of Yaw, spreads the power of Ice and can freeze even the strongest flame.
[B]Trident[/B] ? Weapon of Paricia, controls the Tides and can force items/people away or bring them closer.
[B]Shield[/B] ? Weapon of Nereus, can deflect almost any weapon or magic.
[B]Gauntlets[/B] ? Weapons of Varuna, the left hand of Lightning and the right hand of Thunder.
[B]Whip[/B] ? Weapon of Tlaloc, can bring water from the ground wherever it can be found.
[B]Flute[/B] ? Weapon of Kura-Okami, summons the rain to revitalise.

[U]The Races[/U]

[B]Hylian[/B] ? Favoured of Ahti, wields the Sapphire and Sword.
[B]Sheikah[/B] ? Favoured of Yaw, wields the Opal and Bow.
[B]Hyrulean[/B] ? Favoured of Paricia, wields the Emerald and Trident.
[B]Goron[/B] ? Favoured of Nereus, wields the Ruby and Shield.
[B]Rito[/B] ? Favoured of Varuna, wields the Crystal and Gauntlets.
[B]Deku[/B] ? Favoured of Tlaloc, wields the Pearl and Whip.
[B]Korok[/B] ? Favoured of Kura-Okami, wields the Diamond and Flute.

[U]Island Homes[/U]

[B]Hylians[/B] ? Outset Island and Windfall Island.
[B]Sheikah[/B] ? Outset Island and Windfall Island.
[B]Hyrulean[/B] ? Crescent Moon Island and Windfall Island.
[B]Goron[/B] ? Stonewatcher Island.
[B]Rito[/B] ? Dragon Roost Island.
[B]Deku[/B] ? Forbidden Forest.
[B]Korok[/B] ? Forest Haven.[/COLOR][/SIZE]
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