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[CENTER][COLOR=DarkGreen][FONT=Arial Narrow]I wasn't going to start an Underground for this RPG, but I found that its next to impossible not to have one...being that there is a lot of outside interaction in almost all of my RPs...

Currently we have a slight problem. Kamuro, who plays Malik, is sicker than a dog and has been unable to post. Puts us in a slight disadvantage for the non-wakanda characters.

As for the Wakanda, you all are doing an excellent job. :) As you gather to go find Kalei, remember that you don't know exactly where she or Tegan have run off to. But you know she left the country. I don't want you all to run right over to Spain and free her. I'll keep you all informed on what's what.

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[COLOR=DarkRed][SIZE=1][CENTER]Um...Hi:) I'm Kairi...DC has asked me to take on the role of Tegan...I've posted my profile in the Inn as well as here in the Underground to look at whenever you'd like. I look forward to working/writing with you all. A better picture is in the Inn
take care...later...and enjoy. [/CENTER][/SIZE][/COLOR]

[COLOR=DarkSlateGray][SIZE=1][CENTER]Name: Tegan

Gender: Male

Race: Wakanda

Position: That of the Humans

Tegan has the ability to control all of the elements and use them for his will. However, the two that he has mastered are that of light and dark...and preferebly uses them over the others. Tegan concentrates a lot on the magical implications of ones life energy. Being able to manipulate the basic principles of light and dark like shadows and flares...Tegan has some basic abilities...[/CENTER]


[I]Sacrifice[/I]: In order to heal...or even resurrect an individual, Tegan must sacrifice a part of his life energy depending on the severity of the injury. If one is dead, Tegan may bring them back to life if willing to sacrifice a number of years of his life. When doing any of these, Tegan losses a part of himself and is imprinted in the soul and spirit of those of the living.

[I]Binding Light[/I]: Manipulating the power of light to flow directly through his veins...a veil of light surrounds his skin protecting him from attacks of the dark. Tegan losses power the more it is in use...and by the number of others he surrounds or casts it on. The downside to this is the inability to move...however it's a great countering move.

This also helps Tegan recharge in the presense of light and heat.


[I]Life Drain[/I]: Tegan only has to be in eyesight view of his victim to steal the essence of ones life source. By doing so Tegan heals himself and imprints strong emotional ties from the individual into himself...possibly taking on the persons personality traits for a brief period of time as well.

[I]Demi[/I]: Creating a miniture black hole in the environment...the Demi sucks in every source of energy within it's range and ultimately explodes once it is overloaded causing a mega flare of intense dark and light.

Even Tegan doesn't know the implications of this ability. When light and dark energies are brought togther...there is a third power that emits from the counteraction to bring balance. This he has not mastered and is hesitant to experiment with.

[CENTER]Appearance: [B][URL=http://www.animevisions.net/Pictures/guys/guys142.jpg]Tegan[/URL][/B]

Tegan wears a white (not black) trench coat with a black muscle shirt underneath with the baggy black pants and shoes. His sword was a gift to him by his late father and mother whom had died at he and his sisters birth. His foster parents loved them both and respected their privacy and tradition which was encouraged by a note left to them by their late parents.

Tegan is the perfect compliment and almost opposite to his sister Katima...he is passive and merciful, with a free-willed spirit and a incredible and sometimes scary looking sense of calmness, a peace and confidence that neither Katima nor Kalei have come to understand; but have come to love him for as well as the support and wisdom that he brings.. Inheriting the same blood red eyes as his sisters when she becomes enraged...his eyes do not change from their natural color.

He's like an older brother to Katima and Kalei whom they know would never forsake them...but with this image, he's not over protective...knowing that they can take care of themselves until they needed help. Always there if needed...

With the power of both dark and light at his disposal...he is a man of true character...very focused and controlling of his powers and just the person that he is. Katima wonders why he still bears the red eyes of their family...something he will show her in time.

Character Snippets:

[CENTER][I]Wind of the Eagles........The Flames of Hell......Mother Earth.......Waters of the Deep.......Light of the Soul........Darkness of the Pit.......[/I]

"all is alive this night''

The winds of the desert began to pick up as Tegan lifted himself off the ground of the sands which he was meditating upon.

For countless nights and sunrises he had been training his body and mind in the arts of his families fighting style with sword, mind, and body. The foster parents that had taken him in as a childwere very passive about his training and privacy...always loving him and his sister as much as possible. They knew all too well how 'special' these children were. Now almost grown up to full adults...Tegan and Katima moved out and explored the vastness of their powers; always staying close to one another.

That is when they met Kalei...she was like a sister to Katima...something new and exciting to live for. She grew fond of Kalei and quickly rised up in her ranks of the Wakanda's. Katima still loved and admired her brother...but they unexpectedly grew apart from one another...never lossing love and faith in one another...just along different paths.

But like any twin...Tegan could sense Katima's sorrow even across these desert plains of Africa.

Picking up his sword and his jacket...Tegan began to simply walk across the sands as the winds suddely died down in the night. With just a simple thought the night time air died around him as he began his quest.

''Let us see where this takes us......Gaia is disturbed......"

Walking ever so calmly, his figure and posture was like a rock that could not be moved nor disturbed...

"she will have thee answers...''[/CENTER][/SIZE]

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Hey guys and gals. I just had a few announcements to make, just to inform all of you. DC, aka demonchild, can't be here with us right now. In fact she and Reiku are going to be gone probably over the weekend. Besides that, I am supposed to encourage everyone to continue writing in the RPG.


Just for everyone's general info. DON'T SAVE KALEI. Yes these are the direct words from DC, and that if we can't control it, just start bustin peoples heads. Lol, okay she didn?t say the bust heads part, but it adds a ghetto flare to it.

Besides that, I have no further remarks to talk about. I'm going to PM everyone about going to the underground in which I am posting right now. Good luck to everyone, and have fun.

Much love,
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Angelus_Necare (in reguards to your OOC post...): I don't know about the other Wakanda, I put my odds at two to one in my post. My character has been hunting vamps for a long time, I figured those were fair odds. Heck three on one would have been fair, but I don't speak for the other Wakanda. I only can defend myself here.
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[B][COLOR=DarkSlateGray][SIZE=1][CENTER]I think Angelus means in the manor in which the vampires are killed. Especially with the lack of vampire participation so far...we would probably be saying the same thing if vampires were killing us Wakanda left and right.

I guess that's why in my last post I didn't kill any...especially while being outnumbered...I just ran away like a little school girl:) JK! But still...it's a war...shouldn't seem this 'unbalanced' i suppose unless u vampires want to kill our kind left and right. Just my thoughts...cause i had nothing better to do since there's not much for tegan to do at the moment:)[/CENTER][/SIZE][/COLOR][/B]
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[FONT=Arial Narrow]Note to every one, I would like to see more of a struggle with your enemies. Please. From now on, to keep things a little more even due to the numbers being so off, have less vampires attack you. Make it so the whole team has to defeat two or three vampires together. Instead a dozen indiviual.

As for Tegan...he should be looking for the other Wakanda's...especially Katima and Kalei *glares at Kairi*

Thanks peeps,
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[FONT=Times New Roman][COLOR=DarkRed][CENTER]Hello DC, I'm sorry if I haven't posted in a while. But I tried to post something but I'm slightly confused and I don't know how to start seeing as I was gone for quiet a while. If anyone would like to help me out please do so. My charrie is Lania to clear it up for you guys who don't know me.

BlackTigerGurl :catgirl: [/CENTER][/COLOR][/FONT]
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[COLOR=DarkSlateGray][CENTER][SIZE=1]I guess that destiny with Katima and Tegan is a little surprise that DC has up her sleeve...when does she ever give light to her ideas:) Tis a secret...yes...till the right time:)[/SIZE][/CENTER][/COLOR]
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[COLOR=GREEN]Oygah! :animeswea
Sorry for not posting in nearly 2 weeks. As I've said before, I'm a poor little displaced Katrina victim, but I really shouldn't be using that as an accuse(sp?) any more, since I'm back at college right now. I've just been super busy with classes and getting all new stuff for my dorm, since most of my stuff it still at home. But please don't feel sorry for me, I'm doing fine and so is my family. (If you have any doubts about that, click on my myOtaku link and read my latest journal entries.)

I should have caught up and posted in "Love Me, Mr. Death" by later on tonight. Thanks :catgirl: [/COLOR]
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I have a question for all. I know that i've been suckin this time, but it's probably cause of the school thing, and getting back into gear... i'm just so overwhelmed anymore. But, I wanted to know if anyone else is NOT getting their emails and what not. Cause every time i look at the OB i have like three new posts in LMMD and i didnt see the underground grow till today.... I feel let down by the message system, but thats just me.. Anywho, just wondering about that problem...
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[COLOR=GREEN][FONT= Comic Sans MS]Hey DC, I have a few questions conserning the whole thing with some of our characters being paired with apprentices. First off, just to make sure, we will be playing the character of our character's apprentince, right? Also, is Fyuora's apprentice, Jordan, male or female, or does it matter? Just wandering, since Jordan is one of those names that can be both guy or girl.

I just wanted to find those things out before I posted again. This RPG is going great; very appropriate for this month too :catgirl: [/FONT][/COLOR]
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