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Sign Up The one I once loved [S,L] PG - 13

Guest ReKell

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The dark stare that shunned me away from him after the night we had spent together. He was awful that night instead of a wonderful romantic night he wanted to cut to the chase. He said " Yena get on the bed it's time for you and me to have a little actual fun tonight." I refused to move on to the bed. With brutal force he shoved me hard and raped me. I was crying and screaming for help, but there was no one there. I was helpless and wanted to do something. We were at my home and I was within arms length of my bed side table where I had left a dagger. I reached for it and grabbed it and held it behind his back and stabbed him with ragging force to get him off. I was going to run away when I stabbed him, but the thought that I had done it in the first place couldn't stop me from stabbing him again. I did a few times than fled away from that awful place. I ran to my grand mother's house her name is grendal. I told her about what had happened and she told me that a curse was to be set on him and that he would never live again. She had some astonishing power and reluctantly placed any curse on me for what I had done, because it was self defense. In any case she decided to give me power's to help other's of our own kind the Qenton's. We are like human's with ears like elf's and hands like tree bark.

I started for my journey when suddenly on the path behind me I saw a figure illuminated with a glow. This figure of a person or a thing was bright and beautiful and came towards me. It ran right through me and the shock that hit my body made me black out.

I woke up with a cloth on my head in someone elses bed. I young man about my age of 276 who was cute and looked nice. He looked at my face and came and brushed his hand across my right cheek and said " you will be fine, but you gave me quite a scare." "By the way I'm Federt." "I am a Qenton just as you seem to be and I saw you laying on the side of the path and immediately I carried you to my home." " Thank you" Yena said with a slight mumble to her lips. " You are most certainly welcome to faint anytime your around me, than I can come to your rescue."
Was this beginning to be a relationship between total strangers? Well Yena herself liked him she thought that he was wonderful. She spent a week at his house before even beginning to think about leaving, they talked and smiled and flirted. Than one night he asked politely " Yena have you ever been kissed by your own kind before?''
She replied " No only by a demon that had...." Than she stopped. " Never mind" she quickly replied. He asked again " would you ever want to kiss someone of your own age and own kind?" She said " most definately." They were sitting by this lazly creek with a fire burning in front of them. They grew closer and closer when finely........


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