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Sign Up Is life getting you anywhere (Regery wants to know) [nr]

Guest ReKell

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Regery was wondering what it would be like if he killed himself. So guess what he did. He went into his den took the gun off the wall and pointed it to his mouth and said quietly "good bye stupid world." And that was the beginning of his journey through to the under world or better known as hell. He was sent their for murder and abuse to other 's, but he thought that this was the easiest way out and he didn't want to cause anymore pain and hurt towards others. Why stop this horrid rampage now, why not go on with the killing spree? Well he thought that it was time to see what was going to happen to him in the after life.

Regery had killed his sister's (2 of them) and spared his little brother's life not even knowing why. This man was possesed on many levels and was abused at a very young age by his father who was a stubborn alcoholic. This man had already done himself in. He eventually was going to be found and shot. He was wanted. He also left one single letter to his little brother Trenton

It said,

Trenton I am sorry for what has happened I have been possessed for quite a while. It's a miracle I spared your life. This started when father abused and threatened to kill me. I started hearing voices inside my head. These voices said kill your siblings so that father will not inflict pain upon them. I know for a fact that our sisters' Vel and Uma are alright and safe in heaven. I have a sense. They did not deserve to die, but it wasn't me. I have thought long and hard about my death and this is what I want. PLEASE run away from home and never return to father. Mother has already died from his actions by killing herself. Just run and never return.
Hopefully your life will outlast you till your last breath. Be sure to keep our little fairy friend Fedis alive and well and tell her I love her.
Goodbye forever Trenton, with love Regery.

Name: Regery
Age: 25
Race: Demon Vampire
Bio: Possessed young man
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[COLOR=DarkOrange]Welcome to the Adventure Inn,[B] ReKell[/B].

I'm afraid I am closing this thread for two reasons:

1. [B]Rating:[/B] I'm sorry, but "nr" (I assume that's for "not rated") is not a valid rating, especially when your RP deals with topics such as suicide and murder. Please read through the rules and advice on ratings in the sticky, [URL=http://www.otakuboards.com/showthread.php?t=44318]here.[/URL]

2. [B]Backstory/Plot:[/B] People need to know where you're planning to go with your RP, what they and their characters would be needed for. That's not in your post. Feel free to repost this once you've fixed what needs to be fixed.

[B]Thread Locked,[/B]
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