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Manga Antique Bakery


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This manga is in a rather unique position. Of the three eccentric male leads, two are straight and one is gay. As a result, the series has a fair amount of BL humor & content; however, it isn't officially categorized as a BL manga.

But before discussing that, it's important to note that (if the first volume is anything to go by), Antique Bakery is a great series in its own right. The slice-of-life comedy reminds me of Here is Greenwood, only the cast is made up primarily of adults, and Antique Bakery's gags hit the target more frequently. It's funny, smart & mature--without being unnecessarily risque.

I think it's worth checking out for BL fans, if only because it offers such a different take from most "real" BL series. It isn't at all a romance series, although I'm guessing there will probably be incidental romances for all of the main characters. It's just refreshing to read something with a more laid-back atmosphere.

I would also recommend Antique Bakery to those who feel neutral about BL, because that's not what it's about (it just so happens that one of the characters is gay), and because it has so much going for it in general. It's one of the more sophisticated slice-of-life manga I've come across, and anyone who enjoys sweets is going to get a chuckle out of all the lavish descriptions of the bakery's goods.

Plus, volume 1 comes with a strawberry scratch & sniff cover. :catgirl:

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