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[SIZE=1]'Ello mates.
It's your friendly neighbor Hatake, with a new name and thread.
Yes yes, I know you're probrably sick of my repeat threads. But, this [b]WILL[/b] be my last, and on-going one; as long as you support me.


Just a little intro banner. Because I'm bored. As for the date, it's my birthdate. The stock/photo is of my own pictures.

Now to go on to what this thread was ment for.
I don't have to much things at the moment, because I've been busy with school. And haven't much time on my hands.
So I think I'm going to show some random stuff.

Something I made some days ago. It was actually something really random.

Something I did with my tablet. Took 60+ mins on Oekaki Central.
I'm not to much of an artist. But yeah. Don't mind the words, it's a joke between me and my friend. His eyebrows are suppose to be like that.
His neck really bothers me. I don't want to CG it. 'Cause I've never CGed a day in my life. xD

This was actually a random picture I took while I was suppose to be doing my History homework. Fear teh geekiness.

That's about it, I haven't much to post.
C & C is awesome to hear.

- Ninjah[/SIZE]
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[SIZE=1]Coloring? I wish I had that homework, sheesh.

I'm not really going to critique anything, because I don't know anything about drawing. However, I'll say a little something about your wallpaper [B]+001[/B].

So yes, I enjoyed the brushed look, and the colors too. However, it's a bit overwhelming to be a wallpaper on its own - you might want to consider having a lull in the action, or perhaps a variation to it, since things might be a bit tiresome with the same general pattern. Did you use pre-made brushes, your own custom ones, or none at all? Just wondering. ^_^[/SIZE]
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