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Sign Up Legends [M-LVS]


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There have always been legends. Some are good while others are evil. Some did great things and are know as heros. They became legends for helping people and restoring peace. Some devoted themselves to fighting evil legneds. One's that kill for amusment or start wars for personal gain. Whatever the cause, there are many types of legends. But one things is for certain and has always happened and will continue to happen. All legends die hard all except for the Legend Killer, a human that has killed many legends, taking them down with ease as well as thousand's of people. He disappeaered one day and was never seen again. His story is the only one to have survived.

It is the time between the Fuedal era and the Modern era. Guns are becoming more and more seen, but swords and other weapons are still found everywhere. There are very few legends of old and even they are starting to fade away. But new legends are staring to appear, fighting to get there name out into the world. That is where you come in. How will you become known to all. Will you take the path of rightousness and fight for the good of all mankind. Or maybe you might kill for the fun of it, let no one stand in your way. Or maybe you might become a Legend Killer, take out both the sides of good and evil. The answer to that question is up to you.

You can be whatever kind of legend you want, but no demons and no god modding. You are trying to become a legend, but you arn't one yet. And there is a chance that if two charactes meet they can fight to the death to see who is the strongest. That is up to you

Here are the signups

Name: Be creative
Age: youngest is 18, oldest is 30
Class: gunslinger, slayer, ect. If you want to be a legend killer pm me and the best one wins it. They get to be all powerful though but they will die in the end.
Legend name:
Weapons: Be modest please
Have fun
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Name: Tory Sai
Age: 18
Gender: Female
Class: Gunslinger
Legend Name: Black Stallion
Weapons: Two semiauto pistols made of a strong alloy. Able to stop a sword and the barrel is conelike and sharp. When she pulls the trigger it shots a three round burst
Appearance: Later
Tory walked through the streets on her way to the club, where she danced at. Dancing was one of her favorite things, een though it may be for peverted guys with nothing better to do. She rounded the corner and suddenly she had a knife pressed to her throat.
"Hey there little missy, why don't we have some fun and I might let you live?"
Tory smiled as her foot suddenly flew up and caught the man in the face. She spun away and pulled out her gun. "You'll be the tenth rapist I've caught this month" She kicked him again and tied his hands with her belt. She lead him over ot the jail and gave him to the guards. "Here's another" She walked off.
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