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Writing Shojin High

Demon Eyes Kyo

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Daigo threw away the last of the muggers like a piece of garbage. Even with baseball bats and chains they left nothing but there blood on him. He smiled at the feeling of the blood on his hands gave him. There was nothing like it. And soon the blood of Reagen would stain his hands and his purpose in life would have been fulfilled. Daigo could hardly wait for tomorrow to come and the start off his new school year. The promise of strong opponents and of many victories to follow kept him smiling the rest of the night.

Baki had been up all night in his basement training. It was his first day in college at Shojin High. He wasn?t really too worried about it. Most of all his life he has been doing nothing but fighting. Been fighting to be the best but a friend of his opened his eyes and showed him that there?s more to life then just fighting so for her he decided to go to school.

While training he looked at his watch and noticed that he need to be on his way. He stopped what he was doing and grabbed his towel and whipped the sweat off of his face and his chest. He grabbed his shirt and threw it on and then reached for his book bag and went out the door. While walking to school he saw other kids on there bike riding passed him and also he notice how well in shape they where in. Once he approached the gates of the school he went in his pocket and pulled out his school schedule and handed it to one of the men who were standing at the gate. The guy takes the paper looks it over then looks back at Baki.

?So this is yours??

Baki looks at him and smile. ?Yes it?s mine, why is there something wrong??

?You?re a freshmen, no freshmen comes to this school and is in the A class on there first day.?

Baki had a confused look on his face. ?What do you mean A class??

There was a guy who was a couple people behind Baki. He skipped pass them to get to the front of the line and stood beside Baki.

?Let me see that.? The young man said

Then the guy took the paper from the guy?s hand. He looks it over and nudes his head.

?Yea this is right, looks like you are the first person to get in a high rank class in the first day without even working hard for it. Here?

He gives the paper back to Baki and walks threw the gates. Baki folds his paper back in his pocket and runs behind the boy.

?Wait, what is this ranking you and that guy were talking about??

?Dude you applied to this school you should know.?

?I didn?t, my father did. This is my first time even hearing of this place.?

The boy takes in a deep breath and then exhales and stops walking and begins to explain.

?This school is for special kids and that paper there proves you are a really special kid. Students learning is divided up by ranks the higher the rank the more talented the person is. For you to be ranked A that means something. This school has five ranks. A,B,C,D, and S being the highest.?

Baki looks at the paper once again. ?So I?m in the second highest??

The boy then began walks off. ?Yup that?s what that paper means. You should be happy because you are one of the only people who has began there freshmen year in a high ranked.?

Baki then walked a little faster to catch up. ?Who are the others??

?There are no others, it?s just you and another. No one knows his real name but he goes by the name of the Red dragon. When he first got here they had him as a rank C. So he founded the strongest S rank student and defeated him with one blow. After that him and two other now runs this school and know one tells them what to do not even the teachers, they them self?s our all S rank. Being as powerful as he is him and his other teammates they started a clan called, Katana?s. If you happen to see one of there lackeys make sure not to fight them or your school year is going to be worse then what it already is.?

?What do you mean by that??

The boy began to get frustrated ?Damn do I have to tell you everything? Look around, everyone here doesn?t like you for the fact that they don?t know who you are. From there point of view you are a new person who comes out of no where and is already a rank A. Most of the people here were low class and worked there way to the top and to them it seems like your getting a free ride.?

?Then there must be a mistake then.?

?Mistake? This school makes no mistakes if they have you as a ranked A then you are in that rank. Only thing I have to say to you is watch your back because you will be in a lot of fights today. A ranked students are going to fight you to see if this is where you belong and lower classmen are going to fight you so they can get your spot. So have a nice day.?

As the boy was about to leave Baki stopped him one last time.

?Wait why are you telling me this? Why haven?t you fought me then??

?Because you?re not in my class. This is my second year here and I?m a rank B. Unlike everyone that goes here I?m trying to do something that?s never been done. I will defeat everyone one in my class boy girl doesn?t matter. Since I have been here I haven?t lose a fight yet. It would have been nice you fight you. But you never know might fight you in the trials.?

?Trials what?s that??

?Stop asking questions.?

Then the boy walked off and as he was walking Baki once again asked him another question.

?Hey, what?s you name??

As he was walking he replying by saying.

?I?ll tell you when you are worth knowing it.?

A student by the name of Shin was standing on top of one of the schools building. The building stood five stories high. Even though he was so high up he heard everything that had happen. Some new kid by the name of Baki entered the school and he is already a rank A. Shin main reason for joining this school was to become the strongest and over powerful his father. After having a fight with the Red Dragon opened his eyes. After losing the battle to him he knew he needed to train more to become on top once again. But to see this new guy come to this school and already be in a high ranked class without doing any hard work pissed him off. ?Ok then new guy lets see how powerful you are.?

As Baki was walking he could sense that something wasn?t right. He felt danger lurking around the corner he looked down on the ground and saw a shadow of a ball coming his way. Then in one quick motion Baki flipped in the air and as soon as his feet left the ground the ball hit and exploded once it made impact with the ground. Baki landed on one knee sliding on the ground. He punched and held his arm into the ground to slow himself down and stop. Baki?s eyes were focus on the spot were the energy ball landed. He could see a figure walking out of the smoke. The person was wearing black gi his hair was red his body was muscular. Baki could sense the power coming from this person not only could he sense it but he could also see it. As the person was walking the ground underneath his feet would crumble and heat waves could be seen off of the guy?s body.

?Let me guess you what my spot??

Shin held out his hand and began to generate power called chi or charka from it. This was something new to Baki he has fought lots of opponent but none like this. Someone able to control great amount of power within there fingers tips.

?Ok this is new. Look we don?t have to do this.?

Then on the back of Shin a Chinese letter that stood for death appeared. ?No words just fight.? Then Shin released the blast, Baki saw it coming so he did the only thing he could do and that was dodge the attack. He did a side flip to the left once he landed he thought about the people behind him. He looked back and saw the blast heading towards some girls.

?Oh no.? He shouted.

As he was about to react the girls saw the blast coming. From one of the girls blue energy came around her body and then the other one brown color energy. One girl summoned a wall of water and the other made the ground around them turn into a wall also to help block the attack. The blast hit and everyone who was behind the wall was ok due to the girl?s protection. This blew Baki?s mind away this was his first time witnessing something like this. All this got Baki off focus from the fight he was in.

?Your fight is here.?

Baki then realized he was in a battle as soon as he turns around Shin was in front of him and was powering a powerful blast within his hands the color of the blast he was powering up went from blue to red and kept going back and forth. Baki had never seen anything like this before. This was his first time seeing this kind of power right in front of his face. Just the energy alone had ripped Baki?s shirt clean off.


Shin yelled while releasing the blast to Baki?s stomach. The ball went off flying while caring Baki along with it. It sent him flying threw one of the school buildings then blowing up once Baki had hit one of the walls inside the building. Shin then turned around and began to walk off as he thought the fight was over. Baki powered his way out of the ruble. The students and teachers around were all shocked at what they saw. This new guy just took one of Shin?s powerful attacks and is still walking after it. Shin stopped as he heard everyone?s response to Baki getting back up. He turns his head to the left and sees Baki up and ready to fight.

?You are stronger then I thought.?

Baki then walked threw the whole in the wall his own body created.

?You are pretty strong you?re self. I never thought I had to use my brain coffee on another student.?

One of the student?s eyes opened wide once he heard Baki say brain coffee. Baki then took off running. Shin turned around thinking it would take Baki a little time to get to him. But once he turned fully around Baki was there in the air ready to release a kick to Shin?s face. Shin saw the attack coming so he lifted up his left forearm to block the attack thinking that would be enough. Baki then kicked Shin?s forearm and the force from the kick sent Shin sliding to the right and threw a tree. Everyone was speech less. Shin was still standing in the same position with his forearm up. He looked to the left and saw Baki in his fight stance ready for more. Then Shin dropped his arm then him and Baki both took off after each other. Once in kicking distance they both did a spin kick and there legs had been collided. Then the symbol of Shin?s back began to glow and his eyes began to turn into a dark red color. Then red electricity began to flow threw his body. The electricity on Shin?s leg that was pressed up against Baki?s began to heat up. Baki?s could feel his leg getting hotter but he wasn?t about to back down from a challenge. Then as Shin was about to execute another move an older man came out of no where and stopped the fight. It was the schools principle.

?Ok now that?s enough. Shin you know better, if you?re going to fight take it to the gym. And you in my office now.?

Shin then pulled his leg back as did Baki.

?We will finish this rookie.?

Then within a blink of the eyes Shin was gone. Baki then followed the older man to his office.

Not to far from the fight there were two guys standing on top of the building looking at the whole thing. A student had come up behind the two in the hurry.

?Sir, I have some news you might want to know.?

The taller of the two answered.

?It?s about the new student??

?Yes sir it is.?

?What is it then??

?While I was looking at the fight he mentioned something about brain coffee.?

Then the other one turned around and looks at the student relaying the message.

?Really? So Dragon he is the one you where talking about, right??

Then Dragon, the leader of the Katana?s walked over to the edge of the building.

?If he had to use the brain coffee technique on Shin then he?s not the one I?m looking for.?

Then he jumped off the building and it seems as if he was going to fall but right after he jumped he vanished.

?He acts as if Shin is a weak opponent. Anyone who can stand after his Hadoken got to be pretty powerful, he just won?t admit it.?

Baki was in the office with his head down, he couldn?t believe what he has just done.

?Sir I?m very sorry I didn?t mean for this to happen. I had to protect myself.?

The principle learned back in his chair.

?I think you have me all wrong. You?ll not here because of the fight.?

With an odd look on his face Baki responded by say.

?I?m not??

?No, you?re here for me to warn you.?

Baki still didn?t quite understand the situation.

?What do you mean warn me??

He then leaned up in his chair looking Baki face to face.

?Son you are the number one rookie. Here, have a look for your self.?

He then throws Baki a school newspaper.

?What?s this??

Baki looks on the front page only to see a paper of himself there. Also an article of him being the underground tournament?s champion.

?I don?t understand how you got this information I?ve never told anyone about this and the tournament is a secret only a selected few knows of it.?

The principle began to laugh a little.

?Son we run that organization and many more. If you are a fighter there?s pretty much nothing we don?t know about you. Besides your father is a popular and powerful man. He is the reason why you are in this school. You should be happy, just think about it you are going to school just to fight and you will have to learn as well. This will be the best school experience for you ever. And since you?re the number one rookie you are going to be getting into a lot of fights just like today. Reason being, people here take years to get a good and powerful reputation but you my friend got that in one day. Today was just a taste of what?s yet to come. Have a nice day.? Baki looked around like he didn?t know what to do.

?That?s it??

The principle then leaned back in his chair and grabbed his coffee.

?Yea that?s it you can leave now.?

Baki got up and put the newspaper back down on the table and picked up his book bag from the corner of the door and left.

Time has gone by and Baki?s day seems to be going by smoothly. After his little encounter today seems like no one wants to test him and that?s how he likes it. He loves to fight to prove to himself that he is the strongest fighter alive but fighting in school just didn?t seem quite right. He was making his way to his next class as he entered he saw a seat open so he took it. When he sat down he look to his left and saw a student with a book over his face as if he was sleeping. The person voice could be heard from under the book.

?Is there a reason why you are looking at??

Baki turn forward to avoid a fight. The person took the book from off his face and turns in Baki?s direction.

?My name is Mera, what are you doing in this class? Your post to be in A classes.?

?You told me your name. What made you tell me??

?You always ask so many questions? I saw your fight, does that answer your question? Now why are you in this class??

Baki pulled out his school schedule once again.

?Well this is the right class.?

Mera took the paper out of Baki?s hand.

?This can?t be right you should be in all A ranked classes.?

As they were talking both sensed something coming there way and at the last minute they both catches a book in mid air that was thrown between them. Baki grabbed it with his right hand and Mera with his left. The teacher was in the middle of the class looking at both of them.

?Is there a reason why you two our talking during my class??

Mera throws the book back to the teacher and looks at Baki and sees the other half still in his hand.

?You were post to let it go.?


Mera then stood up and answered the teacher. ?Sir Baki here is a A rank student but yet he is taking a B rank class that not right.?

The teacher then walks up to Baki and Mera. He grabs the paper from Mera and looks it over.

?Everything is right. Reason why he is in this class is because he doesn?t know how to control his Chi.?

After that being said all the students in the class turned there attention towards Baki, Mera got up out his seat then shouted.

?You have to be kidding me how can a student be in the rank A without knowing how to control there chi??

Baki face alone could tell he didn?t know what they were talking about.

?Chi, what?s that??

The teacher then gave Baki back his paper.

?That you will learn here in this class now student back to work.?

Mera sat back down in his seat not believing what he just heard could it be that Baki is so much of a superior fighter that he made it to A rank with out even using Chi? At that moment Mera knew more then ever that he had to fight Baki.

Somehow Daigo had remained untouched on his first day. He hadn't been looking for any fights and no one had seemed real interested in fighting him. For a few moments it felt good to have some silence in his life. He hoped this would not become a habit. As he walked to his fifth period class, he felt two pairs of eyes on him. He was being scouted perhaps for a fight later this afternoon or maybe even right now. The watchers began to get closer and Daigo slowed his pace clenching his fist as his observers were almost within reach. One more second and he would attack. As that second came, a young lady happened to cut in front of another person and ended up right in Daigo's path slamming into him and spilling her books and papers everywhere. The hallway that at first was impossible to walk through now spread as best they could to watch what they believed to be the beginning of a fight. The girl who wore a white Gi and had red hair sat on the ground stunned .Daigo looked around to find the two that were looking at him before but found no trace of them. Daigo then looked down at the girl.

"Sorry. Wrong place wrong time."

He said as he started picking up her books. After collecting her stuff back into a neat pile, he held them out for her to take but found her to be still too dazed to stand.

"I...uh.. I am really sorry about that."

Daigo laid the books beside her and then continued on to his class leaving the hallway spectators disappointed and the girl still unable to stand. The other students gave Daigo a little more space as he exited the hallway.

"Maybe this day will turn out to be peace.."

Daigo had his thought interrupted by a five pound Biology book smashing into the back of his head.

"Hey you jerk! Don't just walk away and not help me up!"

This came from the lovely voice of the young red head running up to him. Daigo once again picked up the book and held it out to the girl.

"I said I was sorry and I helped gather your books so what is your problem?"

The crowd dispraised as she gradually gained speed and a red glow seemed to light her feet. She jumped and did a perfect spinning kick that to Daigo's surprise had a trail of flame following her foot knocking him through the gym doors and onto the basketball court.

"Wonderful my first fight and it?s with someone I don't want to fight."

Daigo groaned as he stood up and dusted himself off casually dodging three more kicks. Daigo snatched her right leg and held her upside down. The girl yelled at her embarrassing predicament and kicked at Daigo with her free leg which Daigo easily blocked. The other students began to laugh at the sight which caused the girl to struggle even more.

"Shiri just give up your embarassing your whole family!"

Shouted a spectator.

"Finish her off man I got a Ki test in half an hour!" shouted another.

Daigo could see the insults were hurting the girl more than if Daigo was hitting her but he wasn't going to fight the girl and the only way to keep her from hurting herself was to hold her until she calmed down. Finally, her struggles stopped and she just hung there her hands covering her eyes. Daigo set her upright then let her down gently on the floor. For a moment she seemed to be crying but then she looked up and her eyes were white.

"I .....AM......NOT....WEAK!" came a voice that didn't sound like that of a young girl. She stood up and almost instantly her whole body was covered in flames. With a yell filled with rage and frustration, she nearly flew at Daigo with a fury of kicks and punches. Daigo blocked the first attack but it knocked him into the bleachers on the opposite side of the gym. She dived into them after him and a second later an explosion sent Daigo flying out of the bleachers and onto the floor where she landed hard on his stomach with both feet. "Damn this girl has some potential." Daigo thought as that had been the first attack to hurt him so far. But he could tell that the girl was losing energy fast. Daigo punched at her which Shiri easily jumped over and kicked him in the back of the head before landing. As Daigo turned and looked at her he was reminded of what his master taught him. About conserving your energy for when fighting against faster or more evasive opponents. Shiri's attacks were effecting Daigo but she was like a power plant that is about to meltdown. Soon all her energy would be lost and if she wasn't careful could end up in a coma or worse.

"I hate to do this to you but you won't calm down."

Daigo said as she charged him again. He waited for her to punch then dodged it and chopped her on the back of the neck. Her body jerked forward then the flames around her instantly went out and her eyes returned to normal before she fell unconsciously in his arms.

"That was always Shiri's problem"

Came a voice from the hallway. All the students instantly spread apart as two guys came in. One had red and black hair and wore a black leather jacket and Black and red Gi pants. The other had white hair and wore all black leather. Daigo figured the red haired one was the girl?s brother.

"Poor Shiri always trying to prove herself against much stronger opponents. That's why she's never won a match here at the school. She refuses to fight in her own class."

The Silver haired one walked toward Daigo and took Shiri in his arms and gave her to some other students

"Take her to the infirmary."

The students instantly dashed off. The red haired one then walked forward and the same red glow began to flow from his feet.

"I saw how you handled that and I thank you."

Daigo got into his fighting stance.

"This is how you thank people?"

The red haired guy got into his fighting stance and put on his glasses.

"I don't usually challenge newbie?s on the first day. But for you the great Alba will make an exception."

Alba ran forward and threw a kick with his right leg Daigo went to block it but it was a fake and Alba spun into a low sweep that tripped Daigo up. Alba kicked him in the side which sent Daigo spinning in the air then kicked him again sending Daigo smashing into the score board on the ceiling before slamming onto the floor. Daigo lay there for a second as the whole crowd got quiet. Then he slowly got up and the smile faded from Alba's lips. A dark, almost blood red glow was coming from Daigo as he stood up. Slowly the buttons on his coat popped open until it seemed to flap in the waves of energy coming from him.

"Man, forget the Ki test! This is the shit right here. Students we aint having class today." said a teacher who just noticed what was going on.

Daigo looked straight at Alba and began walking toward him. "My turn." Alba ran at him again and jumped into a rolling flaming kick. Daigo blocked the first two then ducked the second one and slammed his fist into Alba's stomach sending him slamming into the gym wall blowing the doors off of it. Alba barely had time to get up when Daigo side kicked him in the face sending Alba threw the wall into the locker room .Alba rolled away from a punch as soon as he landed then kicked Daigo three times in the stomach followed up with a spin kick to the face that knocked him back out onto the gym floor. Daigo flipped back to his feet and ducked a kick by Alba. Daigo tried to grab him, but Alba was too quick and did a backward flip kick that knocked Daigo into the basketball post snapping it in half.

"What the hell is this guy on?"

Alba yelled out as Daigo got up not even looking like he was hurt.

"Your never gonna beat him like that Alba. Can't you see he is the real deal.?"

His silver haired friend yelled to him.

"I'm fine Gara! He'll go down after this next attack." Gara shook his head. 'Just like your sister.' he thought as Alba charged up his fist and sent two flaming waves along the ground. The first Daigo took head on even walking threw it. The second was designed to blind him from Alba's aerial attack. Daigo punched threw the flame but didn't see Alba above him coming down in a darting flame kick. Daigo turned at the last moment and almost to fast for anyone to see it seemed that the flames from Alba's attack died down for a second then intensified and wrapped themselves around Daigo's fist and connected with Alba's kick which blew them both to opposite sides of the gym. Alba rolled on his stomach as he hit the ground.

"What the hell!? The only person to hit me that hard was Gara."

Alba said to himself as he was amazed to see Daigo slowly getting up. Even more shocking was that he was smiling. Daigo couldn't believe how well this day was going. He hadn't been hit that hard since he stole his little sister's doll as a joke. He wanted to fight this guy forever but he had promised his mother he would complete one full day of classes. He nodded at Alba and started drawing his energy into his fist. Alba nodded back and a huge flame ignited along his leg. When they were ready, they both ran at each other full speed and struck at the same time. As both attacks hit, the force given off blew some students out of the hallway into the courtyard outside, tore apart the remaining bleachers and caused a crater to open up on the gym floor as the ceiling gave way. Finally after a couple of minutes the energy died down. Both fighters still held there positions then slowly returned to normal. As Alba slowly walked back to Gara blood could be seen leaking from his leg. Daigo also walked out of the crater with blood coming from his taped fist. Gara stopped him and extended his hand

"There is only one thing I can say after seeing that. Welcome to the A class." Daigo looked at his outstretched hand and shook it. Today was looking better already.
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