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Art i'm back - with a wallpaper XD


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[CENTER][SIZE=1]Wow, that is pretty damn awesome, PAche. I just wanted to ask you... How did you make the background? Brushes? [I]Premade brushes[/I]? If you did, it's still not bad, but if you didn't, then you fricking rock.

Anyway, I do have some critique for you. My first big problem is that the basic colors of the stock don't flow with the background. See the guy's clothes and such? He's kinda peachy looking, and the background is orange/red. Maybe you should have edited the colors on that layer a bit, but I really don't know what else to recomend. *shrugs* It just looks a bit off to me.

Also, the text didn't exactly... Do what you wanted it to, did it? I mean, it's just a bit... Pixelated, I quess. It just doesn't have the jagged/gothic look that you'd expect. Hm.

Smooth out the pixels on the inner part of his right (to your left) arm. Look closely, you'll probably see what I mean. This also goes for the purple bits in his hair, and the bandage on his other arm. The not perfect-quality of the pic isn't your fault, but that doesn't mean that you can't fix it ~_^

Aside from these VERY minor things, this wallpaper is awesome. Loves it!!! *huggles*[/SIZE][/CENTER]
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thanks^^i did it with black and white brushes on one layer, then i sort of changed blend mode and all...

>< your standards are so high!lol i hadn't even noticed the "unwanted" colours there, you really did scrutinise it XD oh well can't complain thanks for commenting, though it seems like nobody else feels like doing so just yet :/
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