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Sign Up Prydain: The Final War[M-l,v,g]

Tyler Koregaten

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NOTE: This is not a retelling or retranslation of Welsh mythology. The foreign language used here is Welsh. Prydain is not Wales, simply a mythological sister of that wonderful place.

[SIZE=1][I]Alva gathad rwss ealba froaes a richen sa trwm[/I][/SIZE]
[I]And the land shook in fear for what was to come.[/I]

The Land of Prydain. A vast and forested country usually peaceful. At least it was.
For the War of Wars was destined to play out here, in Prydain. This quest speaks of
a young assisstant farm-keeper of the village of Caer Dallben, in the south. His quest unfolds when he meets the prince-warrior Galmathwn[gahl-mah-thoon] Join the quest to rid Prydain of the evil lord, Annuvwn[ah-noo-voon] of Cithyll Anuvinn.
Only seven can acompany them, who will?

It was a quiet day in Caer Dallben. The assisstant farm-keeper Tarancyll[tah-rahn-
kull] was shoveling out Cylbn Ratahjwll[kuh-bin rah-tah-yool]. "I hate doing this."
[I]"Carmag zwl kval roleaedab!"[/I] A little later, on his way to collect his 10 krwm
from Cylbn Ratahjwll, he was grabbed by a cloaked man on horseback and put on the saddle. "What are you doing!?" "Be quiet! We must leave quickly." "Why?"
"I need you. I can't let you die." "Die!? How?" "The armies of the Helm-King march toward here." "How do you know this?" "I barely escaped them earlier." "Fine. Why do you need me?" "You must aid me in the quest to defeat Annuvwn and end the War." "What of my townfolk?" "My subordinates are going to arrive there shortly to move them." "Why do you [I]need me[/I]? Why not someone else?" "Because you have your father's blood. Tryllathyn[trull-ah-tuhn]." "Why does that matter?"
"His blood was cleansed by Saint Gwalytt[goo-ah-lutt], so only his blood can defeat Annuvwn." "You must be joking." "I'm not. Get accustomed to it."

"We'll need aides in this quest, to better our chances of defeating the evil. We must also make it to Caer Dathyll[surr dah-tull]." "Why?" "Your village-watcher, Dallben, instructed me to ride and speak with Dathyl for his wisdom on this matter, for he too
fought Annuvwn long ago."

"let me explain this to you. Annuvwn wishes to rule all Prydain, not just his own land.
And he can do it. He has the Helm-King as his general to command his armies. He has the Queen of the Pylra[pull-rah] to train his beasts. He even has the Cauldron-Born. He creates them by taking the bones of dead men and brewing them in a cauldron, erasing the memories of when they were alive, thus creating soldiers that feel nothing, and only carry out Annuvwn's will." "How horrible. We must stop him."

"Then it's said, we shall gather companions and fight the evil, and liberate Prydain."

To sign up:

Here's my sign up:
[B][U]WEAPON(S):[/U][/B]sword, sorcery, curses
[B][U]SKILLS:[/U][/B]command over cauldron-born, sorcery, invulnerability
[B][U]PERSONALITY:[/U][/B]extremely evil and power lusting, all-powerful

I hope you have fun with this!
I need:
5 companions
Queen of the Pylra
3 cauldron born
2 ranking officers in the Helm-King's army
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OOC: Teehee! This sounds like those Black Cauldron books! :animesmil

NAME: Miplyn (Mip)
AGE: 17
WEAPON(S): Scythe, boot knife
SKILLS: weaponry, combat, healing magic
PERSONALITY: Quiet and withdrawn, talks to herself and is a little off-kilter
HISTORY: Miplyn grew up on the river bank in a small hut with her aunt, a white witch. Her aunt died of consumption when she was 13 and she has lived alone since then. She talked to herself for companionship; there was no one else around for miles. She didn't know anything of the outside world, or of Annuvwn's evil plans for that matter, until Galmathwn approached her about becoming one of five companions...
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You're in. By the way, I did sort get the idea for this RPG from Lloyd Aleksaander's
[I]Prydain Chronicles[/I], which he based off of Welsh mythology.

For this RPG, the Welsh language [B][U]will[/U][/B] be used. Welsh is the national language of the Kingdom of Wales, a country in Europe. Here are a list of common
words and pronunciations.

[B][U]Welsh Pronunciations:[/U][/B]
A- always "ah"
B- very solid sound, as in "boot", never silent.
C- "kh" if before y,u,i,o, or l "ss" before any other letter
D- slightly hard sound, as in bound
E- "eh"
F- Solid f, as in "four"
G- Hard sound, as in "rig"; "kh" at the end of words.
H- Medium sound, as in "hat" if after g, makes an "uh" sound (ex. Like Scotland's capital Edinburgh eh-din-boor-uh)
I- "ee"
J- "y", like Germanic j (ex. German word for yes, [I]Ja[/I]-yah)
K- "kh"
L- basic l sound
M- Hard sound, as in "monster"
N- Hard sound, as in "not"
O- "ah" except before "o"- "oh"
P- Hard sound, as in "package"
Q- "kh" never "kwah"
R- Trilled, as in Latin-decedened, Slavic, Germanic, and other Celtic languages.
S- "ss" or "z" at end of word
T- solid- "teh"
U- "oo"
V- f sound
W- "oo" sound, always
X- "z"
Y- "uh" after consonants, "ee" after vowels
Z- "ts"

[B][U]Common Welsh Words:[/U][/B]
yes- Alwn (ahl-oon)
no- Nwzja (noots-yah)
Hello- Alath Greblit (ahl-aht greh-blit)
Good-Bye- Helmwla al Lithath (hehl-mool-ah ahl lit-aht)
The Helm-King approaches.- Albart Halmkonin al atathatwm guil. (ahl-bart hahlm-koh-nin ahl aht-ah-taht-oom gweel)

Hope these examples help.
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