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Finally! someone else who likes ASTRAY a lot! You don't know how happy this makes me feel , Angelwing. You really don't.

Ahem...pardon the rant there. I couldn't resist. I like the ASTRAY side of the SEED universe because it isn't as black and white as the main story is. For one thing, you see Coordinators and Naturals working together--a concept that was all but unknown to those who haven't read ASTRAY, plus the Junk Guild really adds variety for the RP addicts out there, and keeps life interesting.

On the flip side, it also clears up some of the confusion the main story may leave its viewers in.

I suppose you could say that I like them both; they just show the story from different viewpoints and reveals that not everything is set in stone with the Cosmic Era. After all, we all need a Natural who can handle a Gundam well enough to make a Coordinator sweat.
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