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Request Drawn Fawn Art Needed


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Ok this may seem strange. I need a picture drawn for me. Different angles or poses I dont care more than one person cna try this because its giving me an Idea for what my birthday tattoo will look like.

It has to be of a fawn... you know young deer. Spots and stufff. No pictures of bambi but you get the idea right?

Laying down, standing up, or what ever post you like. I just need an idea. every time i draw something it does not come out right. So I wish to see what you people would think of when you hear someone say "i have a fawn tattoo".

The artist i am going to asked me to print something out or draw something out so he can draw his own art out from what im using so he can make a stencil thing. So I hope this isnt to hard. It does not need color or anything i just need ideas. Thank you in advance for all who consider this.
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