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Request Oh yes! A banner request!


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[COLOR=DarkGoldenrod][SIZE=1]I've just been afflicted with a disease makes my brain hang up everytime I try to make myself a banner. I'm pretty sure you know how frustrating that is. That's why I'm passing this arduous task to you, oh gifted person of Art by Request.

(Please) Craft me a banner [b]175 by 40[/b] in size. You can put anything in it, even a declaration of my love for you, just as long as you add in some [b]hot pink[/b].

To anyone who wishes to take this request, you have my thanks.[/SIZE][/COLOR]
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[size=1][color=royalblue]*raises hand* Oi.

This was actually kinda like, fun, to make. Even though I hate pink. Not sure if the tone is neon-y enough, but it's what I could stand. :3


It's time to be lazy: Slap an image on, resize it, color it, text, border. I need to get kicked. But I sneezed and a quarter of my brain shifted. Maybe that's why.

At first it was gonna say Brain Scratch, since you were in a banner rut, but decided to go with freedom. Not for patrioctic reasons, mind you, but because they kept questioning freedom in Azumanga Daioh episode 19. -__-;;

Sakaki: Freedom...What is it?
Osaka: It's freedom, ya know...?

I'm done. = =;;[/color][/size]
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[COLOR=#E372CC][SIZE=1]Ha! Azumanga Daioh! Inspiration from a unlikely source: the best way to cure PS block.

Thank you very much for the banner, Katana!
(I assure you that the aforemetioned quarter of your brain is in perfect working condition. ^^)[/SIZE][/COLOR]
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