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Art [OBGT] AzureWolf vs. Generic NPC #3


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[B][I][CENTER]Round 1, Match 2: AzureWolf vs. Generic NPC #3
[B]Date Due: [/B] Tuesday, October 11

[B]Dimensions:[/B] 400 x 500

[B]Theme:[/B] Futurism

Once you have posted your submission (fulfilling the mentioned criteria), other members will vote on your work. We permit those who are participating in the tournament to vote as well. There will be no poll option ? you will be required to post a paragraph at least four sentences in length, explaining why you voted the way you did. If you fail to type a complete paragraph, your vote will not be counted, and you will receive a PM saying so. I will count & tally votes.

Thank you very much for participating. Good luck!

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