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Sum of my art....im only 13 and i was at my grandma house with three sheets of paper, a ruler,a VERY,VERY fragile pencil,and a scented eraser.Some here is some pics i drew....

I like to mix american and manga styles...so they both are not totally anime but..u get the pic.The third one is more Manga Style.

Pic 1: [url]http://tinypic.com/ddc5ug.jpg[/url] :took 2 eppies of one piece

Pic 2: [url]http://tinypic.com/ddc8c9.jpg[/url] :took five min

Pic 3: [url]http://tinypic.com/dddjjl.jpg[/url] :took a hour
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[CENTER][SIZE=1]Wow, pretty cool. You say your 13? Well, you're not bad. I say by the time you're 16 you'll be amazing, IMO.

You need to add some depth to them, though. They all look like simple sketches, so I'm sure that they'd be much better once inked and such, so I can't judge much on the un-detailed quality of them, really.

The third one is by far my favorite. I think the pants are nicely done, and his face (the parts of it thet you can see) are pretty good.

Keep it up, kid. You're pretty talented.[/SIZE][/CENTER]
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[SIZE=1]Very nice :P.... How long have you been drawing? They are not bad but as Sakura said you need to add depth. Drawings need detail, add some lines in the pants and trees to give it more detail and attempt to color one or two of them. Adding waves in the pants as if they are flapping in the wind would also make them look nice. Experiment with colors and keep up the good work :P[/SIZE]
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