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Writing My own little poem! :)

Kurama + Hiei

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[COLOR=DarkRed]undefined[/COLOR] Kurama + Hiei:

As Autumn fades
and winter comes
I still sit
waiting for you
hoping you'll come for me
to take me away
to save me
but i'm still alone
all alone.........

So how was that I just typed that in like 2 seconds without thinking at all, so sorry if it sucks :animeswea K, peace! Meow! :catgirl: :catgirl: :catgirl:
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[font=Arial][size=2]Welcome to OB Anthology. What you may have missed is the [b][url="http://otakuboards.com/showthread.php?t=44313"]OB Anthology Basics[/url][/b], at the top of the Anthology forum. In it, it details specific rules for OB Anthology, including thread ratings. In OB Anthology, every thread with creative content must be rated for maturity. Any thread that is not rated must be closed. In future, please don't forget to rate your threads.

You may feel free to re-create this thread with the appropriate rating. ^-^

Thread closed.[/size][/font]
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