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Prince Van

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[size=1][center] The child [M-LVS][/center]

[I] ? Ever wondered what it would be like to fly, move at super speed or ultimately bend reality to your own will; Now think of your greatest dream, any amount of power.. Anything, what if?? you were given this dream for a year, a month, even a day. What would you do, use it for your own personal gain, help people or standby and do nothing. Could you even make that choice?? [/I]

Man was once in contact with a celestial being, a childlike creature who was very generous to us lesser being, it was naïve though and easy to manipulate. It granted mere mortal their wishes of great powers and granted them mundane godhood, they were not happy with what they had, they selfishly wanted more and this child pushed the limits, gave them power enough to destroy entire civilations with a blink of an eye.

Many would call this being, a destroyer of worlds, a corruptor of men. But it never understood why these beings who had nothing would be so hideous when they got a glimpse of real power. They started wars, they challenged entire armies on their own, they were unstoppable. But this ?Child? was learning, growing, evolving, it tried taking it?s rightful power back, but these tyrants refused, united and fought back against such an innocent being, they eventually killed the ?child? using it?s own powers against it and they failed because with the ?child? dead all their unrightfully earned powers were stripped and used to barely rejuvenate the ?child? , but it feared for it?s life and those of billions of humans? it entered a sleeping stage, an exile away from the known world.

[b][I] Thousands of years have passed since that age [/b][/I]

Unbeknownst to the world, the place has been found by a cult of fanatics tempted by ultimate power, the have awoken the child and nurtured it. They made it believe they were truly it?s friends. After years of caring for the child they persuaded it to grant them penultimate power. After giving it?s powers away it was exhausted, tapped of it?s powers, it went back into it?s sleeping form. It slept for years and they eventually abandoned the child.

This cult have immense power of enchantment, strength and skill. They have powerful telepathic powers, which they will use to conquer the world.

[I] You are having a typical day, however dull or amazing it has been, you are in the city centre. Suddenly you hear a strange pulsating sound and people start dropping to the floor in agony, you have no clue what is going on. You look around, you can still hear the pulsating sound but you can?t feel any pain. There is only you and a few others standing? You suddenly feel better, stronger all your illnesses have been cured, you fell.. ?different?. [/I]

[b] Here?s the character sheet [/b]

Name: (Modern name, any nationality)
Age: (10-50, preferred)
Biography: (not necessarily a full life story, things important that happened to them.)

Here?s my character

Name: Alex Blackburn
Age: 19
Nationality: English
Appearance: short brown hair, green eyes, 6?1, 205lbs. White t-shirt, black jacket, black pants and black running shoes
Personality: He is very sure in what he does, he never takes something back, he stands firm.
Alex was always interested in the paranormal, he did once research something about people in history who had amazing super powers, he eventually lost interest and abandoned his childhood dream.
When he grew up he led a simple life, went to work, never complained, never did anything extraordinary until he found out a month ago he had a rare incurable disease that would eventually result in death, he was depressed and decided to go on a crime spree, he was on his way to a car showroom where he would steal a car and go joyriding, but then this happened.
Powers: Elemental manipulation(water/ice), Regeneration and Empathy.[/size]
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[size=1][b]Name:[/b] Allen McGrath

[b]Age:[/b] 42

[b]Nationality:[/b] Caucasian (he comes from Caucasia o_O)

[b]Appearance:[/b] Allen stands at about 6 feetand 240 lbs. His hair is short, and light brown with the first streaks of grey working it's way in. He keeps his facial hair cut short, but still wears a cropped beard and mustache. Allen usually dresses in an older brown suit, but is also fond of a solid black tshirt and bluejeans.

[b]Personality:[/b] He is a calm and caring man, always putting his students before himself. He is quick to act, but prefers to think things out before acting. He trusts easily, sometimes a little too easily.

[b]Biography:[/b] After going through the normal 12 grades of school, Allen went to college to become an English teacher. He got his degree and went to work for the local technical college, teaching anything from Philosophy 210 to English 101. Sometimes, he put his job over his personal life, leading to a very lonely romantic life. But he's content to teach. As long as he can make a differance in one life, it doesn't matter how he feels. He'd been feeling down lately. Something felt different. His mind was cloudy. Words wouldn't form as quickly as they used to. He had went to the doctor and they told him that he was beginning to suffer from the onset of Alzheimer's disease. Cases of Alzheimer's were rare at such an early age, but not unknown. He had been walking to one of the classes he taught when it happened.

[b]Powers:[/b] Telekinisis.[/size]
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Name: Keele Napier

Age: 18

Nationality: American

Appearance: Keele is a slender young man of about 5'6", with long dark hair that he keeps pulled into a ponytail and blue eyes that are normally obscured by tinted glasses . His sense of style is casual, yet classy--he reminds some people of an art student, albeit a rather pale, effeminant one.

Personality: Keele is a bit on the introverted side, yet isn't afraid to speak his mind when he sees fit. Occasionally his tone takes on a bitter note, and his eyes take on a sharp edge, but he always remains polite and carries himself with a quiet grace

Biography: As the son of a prominent UN official, Keele has seen many places in his life, and lived abroad until he was in middle school. As a result, he is well adjusted around people who are many years his elder, but he isn't quite comfortable with his peers.

To make matters worse, he was diagnosed with Meniere's Disease when he was thirteen--a rare phenomenon, but not unheard of. Because of the sporadic fits of vertigo that plagued him, he remained uncertain of how to approach people. He hated appearing to be the sickly, frail sort.

He had been leaving a favored haunt, a local cafe, when it happened.

Powers: Telepathy and Energy Manipulation
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Name: Steve
Age: 13


Appearance: Steve had pale skin and emotionless black eyes. He had spicked hair and black clothing. His black sweatshirt ( he only wears sweatshirts, find him in a t-shirt in gym and summer though) had a dark red skull on it. sweatpants he had were black with a silver knives design. He wore black running shoes. Steve's way of speaking and walking made him appear a well-dressed zombie. Steve wore gloves, like the ones bikers use, on his hands all the time.
Personality: He rufeses to talk, his past is bloody. He is merely an empty shell, no one wants him, he feels.. empty, and shuns reality, rejecting soceity... after all, they never understand what true pain is like.

Biography: ( I apologize, but this is pretty much a life story of my character, but what can I say? His life gives clues)

Steve's life was a mystery to most, most only know that his parents died when he was young, but no one knows how lonely, how no one wanted him. It started when his family started to become a warzone, one night Steve wore up to see his house on fire. He screamed at the pain and ran towards his mom and dad. He had arrived.. just to see them get slaughtered by a cloaked man.

Steve wore up in the hospital, burns covering his body. His family was dead, horribly dead, mulitated(sp?). He had to pull through, the doctors and nurses smiled at him, he knew they were faking. Fakers. Steve felt unwanted, like no one wanted him.

Steve was sent to the orphanage and was soon adopted into a cold family. The family made him live 3 years in that hellhole. He was forced to live in closet,hugging his knees. The doctors wonder in front of him how he could still be sane. It was like they didn't care about his feelings.

Steve now woke to the sound of... shooting? He ran downstairs towards the sound, when he got to one doorway, a knife grazed his cheek, cutting him. He made a yelp of pain, grabbing the attentoin off the murderer. Steve wimpered and backed away. He was caught in a fight with a big man with knives, and he was repeatedly scratched.He took a blow to the head and was knocked out while the police came in.

He had woken in the hospital AGAIN, cuts and bruises on his face, with no memory of the shots and screams. What happened only was what the doctors told him. He was glad they were dead!

He was adopted into a rich family that treated him well, it was already too late. He was an empty shell now, just one empty shell. . No one else cared, he thought. They lived their happy lives. Now he lives here, in his little tortured world, shunning reality, rejecting soceity. Soon they were going to die to, he thinks. They fake their smiles, everyone fakes wanting him as a freind.

Powers: Beserker, at times, he can temporaily ' go totally insane' and destroy everything he wanted, as bloody and horrible he wanted. Burning houses, desroying things. That only happens when he's pushed... off the line between hate and murderous. (that's pretty often)
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Good, good.

Except, fizerin, the powers you have are supposed to be newly inherited and you can't carry knives(you'd get arrested). As well, you're character concept, although done well it is a bit farfetched.

Also if you want a power that isn't listed I need a full description of what the power does.
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Better Fizerin but I'm still puzzled as to what the power does, a normal person could burn a house.

After reading the power again it seems he can destroy things with his mind or something.

Bit of advice, instead of trying to make a new power give him super strength and control of fire both are connected to his anger, that would make it simpler.
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