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Writing Poesy by Starr. [G]


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[COLOR=SlateGray][CENTER][B]Fire And Water[/B]

Hot, red
Flaming, jumping, blazing
Embers, drops, ashes, puddles
Singing, rippling, drenching
Still, clear



A leaf floats away on the ocean
it cries to the shore
Am I too far away to come home?


[B]Silver Moon[/B]

Silver moon
Outshone by the sun...
Do you mind?[/COLOR]
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[SIZE=1][COLOR=DarkRed][B]Fire and Water[/B] - This one is nothing spectacular. It's a pretty little puzzle fit together, and clever, but nothing too amazing. I favor the water side - the description is more...interesting, and alive.

I like [B]Leaf[/B] and [B]Silver Moon[/B] much much more. These two are both so short - just three lines each - but so much more effective. I find them much more touching and easy to relate to. The perspective that you write from is so original, and very interesting... Usually I dislike tense changes, but the ones you have seem very natural, and very fitting. It's a very new perspective, and one that I like very much. Nice work. ^_^[/COLOR][/SIZE]
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