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Request Sasuke (from Naruto) Banner/Avatar Request


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[size=1][color=#333333]That's right! I'm back! (Did anyone even know I was gone? Did anyone even know [i]me[/i]?) Doubt it. ^__^


Would anyone be willing to make me a Sasuke (from Naruto) Banner and Avatar?

If so, on the avatar, a simple picture of Sasuke with a nice border and my name (Kanata) in the bottom right would be nice. Keep in mind I might just make the avatar myself. But I would really like to see what you guys have to offer.

As for the banner.. Go wild. Just keep it to Sasuke and the only word I want to see is my name (Kanata). Place it wherever it looks best.[/color][/size]
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[size=1][color=#333333]Thanks! But some minor problems. Um.. I'm going to use Sun's except my name is Kanata, not Katana. ^_^ Also, I'm only going to use Sun's if he/she get's me a matching avatar. Because I'm picky that way. ^~^[/size][/color]
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[SIZE=1]I'm sorry! I knew something was a bit sketchy with your name. Well here you are.[/SIZE]

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