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RPG Iscariot Section XIII: Renaissance [M-LV]


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[COLOR=DarkSlateGray][FONT=Century Gothic][CENTER][I][U]Iscatiot Section XIII: Renaissance[/U][/I]


Father Josef Schmid- Kairi

Sister Carmita Arroyo- Kenshinsbabe

Father Pietro Romano- Archangel

Father Osric Mason- Fallen

Sister Maree Bedeau- Cyriel

[U]Chapter 1
In the Beginning[/U]

[I]"In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.

Now the earth was formless and empty, darkness was over the surface of the deep, and the Spirit of God was hovering over the waters.

And God said, 'Let there be light,' and there was light."[/I][/CENTER]


The hall was empty yet serene, the golden rays of a warm summer morning was pouring in through high glass paned windows, spilling recklessly across the polished marble floors. Outside the soft chittering of city pigeons mingled with the distant toll of church bells, calling the faithful to morning mass. The city of Rome was alive and bustling in the late morning, the people of its streets seemingly oblivious to the evils (or perhaps not) of their surrounding world. The common people did not worry themselves with such things. Perhaps the common man was blissfully ignorant and peacfull with himself. And although the world seemed greatly at peace, Father Emilio Giovanni was not.

He was pacing about the polished marble flooring, his shadow trailing him quite closely in the morning's rays. His simple black cossack swayed to and fro with each step occasionally twirling in a silent flutter when the man decided to change dirrection. While by no means a youthfull man, his pale face still clung to the vigor that it once held in days past. Years of wincing due to his poor sight gave his eyes a pinched look, yet left charming creases trailing along to his temple. His hair was fading these days, turning from a rich brown to a dim bay. And his slim build was becomming hunched and lethargic in passing days.

Father Giovanni was but an aging man in a time where he could do everything within his power to make things right in the eyes of the lord. While this aging priest seemed to be little more than a hobbling anxious man, he secretly held a great deal of power with his name and position within the Vatican church.

He held the superior seat within the hidden thirteenth branch of the Vatican apostles, the heradler of the name Iscariot. Within his power was the ability to dispatch agents to perform work in the name of the lord. Not merely spreading the name of God, but defending the name of which the Holy Father stood for by means of any force they could fathom.

While he seldom found means to call his agents to duty, there was a monotonous stream of news comming into the Vatican church, speaking of most unholy things. It was by the dirrect order of the Pope, that the thirteenth branch of Iscariot be activated once again.

Father Giovanni was a bit reluctant in this action, but had sent out the letters nonetheless, and now he waited. Waited for the five seats around which he paced to be filled.[/FONT][/COLOR]
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[SIZE=2][FONT=Georgia]As Carmita Arroyo set foot in front of the Vatican square, she sighed and read over her hastily scribbled note, even though she had already memorized it by now. "It sounds like Father Giovanni has something for us to do...I wonder what could make him so distressed." With that, she took a few more steps forward to the large doors of the Vatican square.

Had it not been for the loud creak of the door, she would have come in unnoticed. Her cloth boots always muffled her steps, making it very easy to sneak up on people. Father Giovanni looked up immediately as she stood, her small body framed in the sunlight streaming in from the door. "Good morning, Father." She said, a smile playing over her face.

She shut the door behind her and walked toward him and the chairs set around him. When she reached him, she knelt down and kissed his extended hand. "Father, I recieved your summons letter and came as swiftly as I could. What is it you need?"

"Arise, my daughter," he said gently, though he still wore a face of worry. "Rest. We must wait for the others to come." Following his command, Carmita sat and stared at Father Giovanni as he began to pace once more.[/FONT][/SIZE]
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[FONT=BookAntiqua][COLOR=Sienna]The bells tolled loud and clear, a beautiful sound in the mid-morning. It was going to be a beautiful day, with the skies already bright blue and free of clouds. Pigeons were wheeling in the sky, flying from various bell towers as the sound jarred them from their usual sky-high perches. People started to move into the buildings for morning mass, and Maree joined their ranks, letting herself go smoothly with the crowd.

Still, even as she walked, she couldn't help but admire the sights and sounds around her. It was only her second time to Rome, and Maree couldn't help but admire the beautiful and detailed structures around her, wondering about the inspiration of the skilled artist or architect, and the many lifetimes of loving labor that had been invested to complete such a masterpiece. Her wonderment began anew as she walked inside of the grand church, feet gliding over the smooth, polished floors, and with even more to gaze upon around her. She dared to touch one of the reliefs, and became even more aware of the calluses that had been raised from the practice of her craft; the wood underneath was like watered silk, inviting Maree to caress it once more, but she turned away.

Pausing once to gaze upon the great hall where mass was being held, Maree's eyes outlined the figures of the people that were all turned to listen to the sacred message being given:
"...let not your heart be troubled and do not be afraid..."

[I]A fitting word for today[/I], she thought, as the letter reappeared in her mind. The letter itself remained carefully folded and tucked into her sleeve. She continued to walk, the words of the priest echoing softly behind her.

A quick scan, and then Maree pushed through a panel of the wall, and found herself in a different hall altogether. This one was a bit smaller, but still quite large; and simpler, with not as many fanciful carvings laced into the woodwork. The floor was polished marble, although a little dust had gathered in the corners. It was perfectly silent except for the quiet swish of the robe of the man pacing back and forth inbetween columns. Five chairs were arranged there as well, with one of them occupied by a dainty woman. The others were still empty.

"Sister Bedeau."

Maree looked up, her attention caught by the familiar voice of Father Emilio Giovanni. She walked to them, kneeling down gracefully in front of him. He placed his hand on her head for barely a second, and she rose instantly.

"And how is your work?" he asked; a tiny smile made familiar creases in the lines of his face.

She bowed slightly, "It is finished, and I delivered it earlier this morning, Father."

Father Giovanni nodded, "That is well - we are lucky to have the Lord's words to copy down for ourselves and others." He gestured to the occupied chair, "This is Sister Carmita Arroyo. Sister Arroyo, this is Sister Maree Bedeau."

Sister Arroyo rose, and Maree nodded to her, solemnly taking in the features of the woman. She found her slightly intimidating, despite the Sister Arroyo's stature, but was reassured to find an amiable look in the bright blue eyes of the elder sister. Father Giovanni gestured again, and Maree took a seat as well.[/COLOR][/FONT]
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[size=1]Sun beamed down on him as he walked across the square, his thick black clothing heating his body up to extremes. Father Osrci Mason did not like the sun. He preferred the coolness of being indoors during hot weather, away from the harsh rays of the sun. However, he foresaw himself having to get used to this kind of weather, as he thought he would be spending a lot more time in Rome over the next few months.

He had been living a quiet life in Canterbury, away from all the torments and regrets of life in Iscariot. But now his peace had been disturbed, and he had been called back. While he was by no means happy about this, he accepted his sacred duty and picked up his longsword once more and travelled to Rome to meet Father Giovanni.

The weight of his sword felt strange after such a long time, but oddly familiar to him, and it bumped against his leg with every step he took. He had still managed to keep it clean and fully sharpened just in case such an occasion was to arise. Now that it had, he was grateful for it.

He pushed open the huge doors into the hall of Iscariot. Five chairs were set out, one for each member of Iscariot, and two of them were filled. Two women, nuns, occupied the chairs, and the familiar nervous figure of Father Emilio Giovanni was pacing up and down the hall.

"Father Mason," he said, turning his attention to the door, "I am glad you could join us on such short notice. I apologise for any inconvenience."

"There is no inconvenience, Father," he said, kneeling in front of his superior, kissing the hand extended to him, "I knew what I had accepted as my duty when I joined Iscariot. I am glad to do my duty for our Lord."

"You may rise," said Giovanni, and Osric got to his feet.

"This is Sister Maree Bedeau, and this is Sister Carmita Arroyo. Sisters, this is Father Osric Mason of Canterbury. I hope our other two members will be joining us shortly."

At this comment, the doors creaked open again...
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[SIZE=1][COLOR=DarkSlateGray][CENTER]Father Josef Schmid stood in awe at the marvels of the city. Rome was like a distant memory to him since the last time he was blessed with this sort of visit with his former master.

Even in this day in age...with the Roman empire falling so many years ago...Rome...more specifically the Vatican still remained the focus center of the earth. The relgious power and influence of this place was far greater than what it appeared to be.

And here walked Josef...a mere German priest who served a secret society...the Iscariot... unknown to the general public. The feeling was like an invisible blanket...almost disconnected from the rest of the Catholic Church. Josef however laid his practice and faith in God and not in people......he loved and served them all...but his foundation wasn't placed in them though.

Walking up the ancient stairs of the Vatican...his appearance fightened some with his axes strapped all around his muscluar exterior. But he returned the fear with a kind and soothing smile as he made his way to where the letter had instructed him to go.

Lucky the letter had reached him just when he had finished an exorcisim within the church which he managed as high priest. It was a very painful transition and process for the family. Such things would drain any man...even a behemoth such as Father Schmid. The spirit of God was powerful and never depleting in strength...but the flesh was mortal.........

The trip was a pleasant as he rode on horseback towards Rome in the brisk weather of the coming winter. The cold ran through his blood...a sense of feeling truly alive as he traveled. The lands he passed he had covered before in his travels of the unknown...but they never bored him. Always something new and beautiful too see...

Pushing his way through the massive doors of the Iscaroit...the most sacred society of all of the Vatican...a place he knew all too well rested the five chairs...two of the sisters and one of the brothers were already present. He recognized them immidiately as Sister Carmita Arroyo, Father Osric Mason, and Sister Maree Bedeau...all standing around with one another introducing themselves. Father Giovanni instantly brought his attention towards Josef as he made his pressence known to them all.

Without any motion from Giovanni, he made his way towards the rest of the group...as he got closer he eventually towered over them all. Osric Mason specifically was quite surprised that such a priest could be so....big.
"Finally...my old friend...thank you for answering the church's call Father Josef."[/B] Giovanni proclaimed kindly as he shook his hand.

[B]"Of course Father Giovanni...."[/B] Josef quickly looked at the others...none in which he had worked with before...[B]"I'm sorry...how foolish of me, I am father Josef Schmid...and you are..."[/B] sticking out a hand of friendship...trying to be polite...even though he knew who they all were...

After they had all formily introduced themselves to each other...they all stood around talking casually of life as Josef made his way away from the group and rested himself against the halls stone wall.

*yawn*..."Dear Lord...please guide Father Giovanni in the words and information that he is to speak to us this day. It is rare for all of us Iscariot to be joined together...and whatever that reason may be...may your will be done. I love you my Lord God with all my heart, soul, mind, and body. I shall obey your every command."

Muttering under his breathe....

[I]Unser Vater, der Kunst in Himmel. ..holy Ihr Name ist. ..thy Königreich kommt. ..thy wird gemacht werden. ..on Erde, als es in Himmel ist. Geben Sie uns diesen Tag. ..our tägliches Brot. ..and vergibt uns von unseren Übertretungen, während wir diejenigen vergeben, die gegen uns beeinträchtigt haben. Führen Sie uns nicht in Versuchung. ..but liefern uns von Übel. ..for thine ist die Kraft. ..the Herrlichkeit. ..and Ehre ewig und je. ..amen... [/I]

And with that...Josef finally relaxed his soul and body and rested himself till the last member came without falling asleep.[/CENTER][/COLOR][/SIZE]
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[SIZE=1]Pietro ran his hand through his hair and smiled, staring up into the sky.The sun's light caressed Pietro's features, and though it was a hot day, he felt superb in his black trenchcoat. A nice breeze was passing through the city, and though the are was empty, the square held a radiance of beauty. He passed by the fountain in the middle and threw a coin in.

[B]"Good fortune...And the power to carry out God's will."[/B] He smiled anc chuckled, pulling out and throwing in another coin. [I]That was two wishes[/I]. He turned from the fountain and walked towards the building of the Vatican. It was beautifully crafted, a fine piece of Roman art. He took a step up the stairs and was flooded with memories.

He had first come with the man who had saved him, the man he had taken to be his father. He had first arrived at this place, tattered, idrty, midirected, afraid, unsure. His father and the other's here cleaned him up, taught him the way of God, and gave him a place where he felt at home. Where he felt safe and in tune with God once again.

Here he was taught the noble art of swordplay, using rapiers. He was given power to help those who needed it, and to deliver justice. But in retrun for his power, he was to devote his life to God, his strength to God. He obeyed more than willingly. And this place had become his home away from home, his sanctaury, and these people, his family.

He smiled and the warm feeling these memories gave him and he walked up the remaining steps, and into the building. He was regarded with looks of misunderstanding and contempt as he walked through. Those who did not know of the Thirteenth order could not understand why a man of God would need two rapiers.

Those who did were disgusted with them. They still believed that Iscariot had not repented for it's sins. That it didn't deserved to be recognized within the Vatican. Pietro merely smiled despite their glances. He felt no anger towards them. Most feared and hated what was strange to them. Pietro walked up to the doors of their headquarters and pushed them up. Father Josef Shcmid was standing against the wall resting and Father Mason, and Sisters Bedeau and Arroyo were at he table with Father Giovanni.

[B]"Welcome, my son."[/B] Father Giovanni took Pietro's hands and smiled. His smile was warm and caring, Pietro had always like this man. That man...was basically his uncle. He chuckled lightly at the thought and bowed his head.

[B]"It is good to see you Father. I'm sorry for my late arrival."[/B] Giovanni shook his head.

[B]"It is fine, please, take a seat. You as well, Josef."[/B] Pietro walked over and took a seat next to Osric, and smiled at his brethren. Josef took a seat across from him and they all looked towards Father Giovanni, who held his hands up at the head of the table.[/SIZE]
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[COLOR=DarkSlateGray][FONT=Century Gothic]Father Giovanni paused at the head of the table, looking into each worn yet noble face that looked back at him. Their faces were familiar to him, but not well known. He knew each of their abilities, their strengths, and what use they had to him, but beyond that, he knew very little. Perhaps it was best that way, when it would be most likely that some would never return again. These acuaintences, he reminded himself, should be performed in a buisness-like manner.

He sighed, straightening his posture and looked over the agents once more before he spoke.

"I'm certain you all have a notion as to why I've called you here." He began, placing a hand flat on the table to force himself not to pace again, "His holiness has given me dirrect orders to call you five here, for there is chaos rising in our land and our people."

He then turned from the table, making his way to the other side of the hall to a nearby stand, retreiving a letter which he brought back to read.

"This came to me from a Father Alexi Valentin. He lives in Surgut, a rather prosperous village in central Russia. He is a close ally to us, and sent this letter with a most grave message within it."

Giovanni then set the letter on the table for all to read. The writting was crisp and clean, the lettering looking as though it were a simple 'how-do-you-do' letter.

[I]Father Emilio Giovanni,

I realize it has been too long since my last letter, and I appologise in advance for the nature of what I am about to speak of. It has been rather difficult to bring a postman or a messenger by Surgut these days, for all of those that live outside our Villages' limits beleive this place to be damned.

I would not doubt their beleifs if I were not a man of the cloth myself. Strange occurances have been plauging out people, and with each passing day it seems to grow worse. Our crops are spoiling, our livestock dying, the water runs black with murky death and the fountains run with blood. The people of my village come to me with fear in their eyes, reporting screams in the night and a strange sickness to befall their children.

I know not what is happening to our village Emilio, but I fear for the worst. Please, I beg of you, send help and salvation for our people, I fear there is little time left.

-Father Alexi Valentin[/I]

"This letter came to me a fortnight ago, and I haven't heard anything more from him." Father Giovanni said lowly, his eyes resting upon the letter on the table, "I ask you to leave for Surgut tomorow, together, and you should reach it within seven days or so on horseback. I expect you to prepare for anything, and listen to those around you once you reach the village. Something is amiss that Father Alexi has not noticed, and we must right this before any innocents become furthur injured."

He straightened his posture again, casting them all a gentle smile.

"May you go with God's good will, and that you stay safe in the name of the lord."[/FONT]

Feel free to discuss what is happening in the village within your posts, and head out together when you feel the time is right. Please use the Underground thread too![/COLOR]
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[FONT=BookAntiqua][COLOR=Sienna]Father Giovanni?s words signaled the close of their cloistered meeting, and the five individuals rose as one. They stood a bit in discussion, although Father Giovanni could provide them with no more information than the letter had revealed. Sunlight was now streaming through the windows, and as it was near noon, the volume outside the church itself had increased. The happy laughter and chatter of many voices through the streets contrasted deeply with the subdued tone of the hall within.

Maree felt cold despite the warm sunshine, and she listened closely to the discussion around her. It was a bit awkward, as none of the members knew each other well, and for most it was their first meeting. As she surveyed more closely her brothers and sister in Christ, she felt a small bit of discomfort. She felt her mind wander to Toulouse, and thoughts of the familiar city began to infiltrate her thoughts. Watching the light cascade through the high windows reminded her the sunny days spent at her home. Instantly her thoughts came to rest on the convent where she had spent the majority of her life thus far. Immediately after her summons by Father Giovanni, Maree had dispatched a messenger to the convent in Toulouse to gather a few useful items, including her Qiangs, which were locked safely away at the moment. She was a little anxious, but was sure that the messenger would arrive to deliver the things she had asked for in time for their departure tomorrow morning.

She felt a hand touch her shoulder, and turned to find Father Giovanni?s worn face smiling at her, ?Here daughter, perhaps you would like to take a look at the letter. It may be that your young eyes may decipher something that I cannot.? She took the letter gently, and Father Giovanni left her, turning his attention back to the other four.

Maree laid the letter on the table, brushing the parchment with her fingers. It was a familiar feeling, and her skin instantly felt alive and restless ? there was want for a quill in her hand. Her eyes traced over the ink, looking for things that were out of the ordinary. The parchment itself was one that was finer than usual, but this was to be expected, as Father Giovanni had said that Surgut was rather prosperous. There was the familiar, slight wear on the paper as expected from something that had been delivered from so far. Looking over it now, tracing the letters with her own fingers, Maree could imagine Father Alexi Valentin writing it. She could sense the different emotions that had affected him while his writing of it ? his script was varied throughout, perhaps the majority looking a bit rushed, as if he had just caught a messenger and had had to hasten his words; at the same time it was very carefully and ? almost lovingly - written, as if he felt that this perhaps would be his last and final correspondence. Touching it felt cold, and troubled her greatly, perhaps because of the immense amount of hopelessness and desperation that it encompassed.

Holding it up to the light, she noticed nothing out of the sort. Maree brought the letter close, closing her eyes as she tried to pick up scents. There was the strong smell of leather and oil, and she associated this immediately with the saddlebag of the messenger or horseman. There was no scent of lotion or hand-cream, of which parchment easily absorbed because of its porous nature; Father Valentin was not a luxurious man, and so one that Maree could give a degree of respect to without even meeting him. Was there anything that would suggest falsity? Forced inscription? Maree did not know enough of his habits, and there was nothing that stood out to her at this moment that would imply foul play, even though the letter itself lacked a seal.

Another light tap on her shoulder; this time it was Sister Arroyo, ?Is there anything of interest to you??

Maree was somewhat startled by the Sister?s kind face and extraordinary blue eyes, but glanced down to the floor to mask it. Her head came up immediately, and she swallowed and nodded. Sister Arroyo gave another quick smile, and Maree allowed herself a small one in return. She then turned to the group of men, still holding the letter.

?Father Giovanni,? she said, her voice quiet but firm.
?Yes, Sister Bedeau??
?I was just wondering?was this letter sealed when it arrived? And who was the messenger??[/COLOR]

OOC: Well, I guess this is a start... I was just thinking that I doubt most of our characters will get a wonderfully deep night of sleep, so are a few midnight talks/meetings at hand? Not to mention, we still have the entire day to get through at the moment. ^_^ Lets get started then, shall we? [/FONT]
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[SIZE=2][FONT=Georgia]Sister Arroyo looked around the group. Some she had seen only a few times, like Father Josef Schmid, and others she'd never met before. She had an inclination to get to know them, but not right now. The atmosphere in the church was very subdued and made her feel stuffed up.

After talking with Sister Beadeau, she slipped out the door into the fresh, morning air. The streets were now nearly empty, save for a stray dog wandering home or a flock of birds resting in the cobblestone roads. Carmita sighed deeply, letting out all of her anxiety. At least for now.

"We're riding out tomorrow. That means we've got all of today to get to know our comrades. And to pray for a safe journey. But for now..." She looked up at the bright blue sky, almost matching the blue of her eyes, and smiled. "For now, I will enjoy my time in the Vatican. I'm sure it will be short-lived."[/FONT][/SIZE]
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[CENTER][COLOR=DarkSlateGray][SIZE=1][B]"No..."[/B] replied Father Giovanni replied...[B]"the letter was sealed with Father Valentin's insignia in an envelope, and the messenger was one of my most trusted pupils under Valentin's guidance Brother Albert Gladius."[/B]

[B]"Where is Brother Albert Gladius now?"[/B] added Josef as he came up beside Sister Maree Bedeau.

[B]"I would imagine he returned to his master back in Surgut, Russia. Why...what troubles thee..."[/B]

Maree looked at Josef to add anything who had been listening to their conversation...but Josef nodded to her in a kind gesture for her to continue...

[B]"I just wanted to know if there was any falsity in this letter..."[/B] she continued...[B]"maybe the ones who are causing this chaos within the city of Surgut may be luring us into a trap..."[/B]

[B]"I suggest then that upon arrival to the town, that we find this Albert Gladius as well as Father Valentin as soon as possible."[/B] responded Josef...[B]"I shall go and prepare for the journey within the temple in prayer and meditation...you all are welcomed to join me if you wish..."[/B]

Josef bowed to everyone standing near him and departed to the marketplace first where he bougth himself more proper clothing for the trip...

If the crops are dying...then food will be very scarse...

So Father Schmid acquired some bread, water, and rice for the trip...as well as animal skins of a grizzly bear to cover his hands and head which was a hoody sowed onto a blanket type arrangement that fell over his shoulder and back all the way down to his hip overneathe his black trench coat.

He stopped and talked with the traders who may have come from the region of Surgut...very few traded in that town anymore...but a couple told of horrific stories of the death that surrounded that place...and the monuments of dead children who were crucified around the entire town...warning anyone who came near to flee...

This disturbed Josef a great deal...imagining the evil that must have been in that place...he thanked the men for thier cooperation and left for the temple.

Within its massive walls, the church had no name at the time...or to Josef's knowledge...but it did not matter, it was still a house of God.

Laying down all of his weapons, Josef knelt down before the alter and gave praises to the Lord God Almighty and asked for forgiveness of any impurities in his heart so that he may carry out this mission in Gods purposes and not his own. [/SIZE][/COLOR][/CENTER]
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[SIZE=1]Pietro silently snuck away from his comrades and progressed to look throughout the Vatican building. He admired the architecture, and the whole building was brimming with holy energy. This was close to heaven as any man would make it during their lifetime. He went into the grand archives and read for quite a while, as sleep didn?t seem becoming at that very moment.

He read into the late hours of the day, when he saw Josef walk to his room. He was obviously coming back from the church. Pietro put the books he was reading back onto the shelves and headed to pray, He hadn?t done so in many days, for sadly, the road to the Vatican housed no churches. It was saddening to see the lack of worship towards the lord, but it was understandable. Times were changing and most people had no times to themselves any longer. Understandable?yet still so very sad.

He kneeled at the alter and prayed. He had always found a solstice inside of the walls of a house of God. He was connected to the great, vast, incomprehensible giver and taker of life in this building, and it left him in s state of awe, wonder, and tranquility. He finished, looked the place over once more, and went to his room to pack. He finished packing relatively quickly and fell into bed, thinking about what would be needed to be done tomorrow. He decided that since there was still much of the day left, that he would go find out more of his comrades.

Though he was headed for Josef?s room, he took the long way around the Vatican. There were some rooms he had not yet glanced through, and he wanted to see the grandeur of the building in the evening. Father Giovanni was busying himself in the archives with other Fathers, and they all seemed to be concentrating extremely at whatever task was at hand. He admired the men and women of the Vatican. They were far more dedicated to the lord than that of a usual priest. He made his way full round and walked up to Josef?s door. He knocked casually and announced himself, but didn?t do so loudly enough as a voice emanated from behind it in question.

[B]?Yes? Who is it??[/B] Pietro smiled and spoke up.

[B]?It?s Pietro. I was wondering if we could?talk??[/B] Josef opened the door and welcomed Pietro in. Pietro took a seat at the desk, while Josef sat on the bed. The two sat in silence for a moment, then Pietro began conversation.

[B]?This building, is beautiful, is it not??[/B] Josef smiled and nodded, surveying his room as he replied to the statement.

[B]?It is quite beautiful. It is a shame that we will have to leave tomorrow, but those people do need our help. It?s our calling to protect them.?[/B] Pietro smiled, his thoughts confirmed. He had often wondered of the motives of his fellow warriors. Was it just a job to them? Or more, like it was to himself? What Josef said had proved that he was here for the same reason Pietro was. Not merely because this was what he was good at, but to help others. He was here by choice. Pietro smiled and nodded.

[B]?Yes, I agree. It all seems very odd though?What sort of creature do you imagine we will meet in the city of Surgut??[/B]


[B]OOC:[/B] Hope that?s alright Kairi. I thought it would be nice for our characters to get to know each other better.[/SIZE]
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