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Sign Up In the darkness he will come [M-VL]


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A strong and silent man walks from the dark recesses of the unknown void. "I have returned" Spoke the legendary Super Saiyiajin.

That's right folks. I'm back and I want to kick this forum back Ol' school sparring style.

First off I want this fight to be mature and REALLY tasty in posts. No short ones please. I'd like a good 800 to 1000 word post a turn. Second try to describe your actions to crystal clarity. Any challenger is welcomed and here is the rules.... OLD SCHOOL! *coughs*

Rule 01: The battle will be played out in the form of Hybrid sparring. (meaning you can post damaging me with basic cuts and bruises but if it is a leathal blow I post what happens and vise versa.

Rule 02: Any weapon is allowed in these fights but nothing over the top. Like bazooka's and a great weapon of mass destruction.

Rule 03: Having fun. The main point of this is to have fun and expand (or get back into) creative writing.

Rule 04: Making your character challenging but not invincible. Everything has a weakness.

I can't think of any other rule so here is the character sheet:

Appearence: Picture is good but so are the words :P
Weapons: If any and a max of 4 types.
Spells /or abilites: A max of 3 for each. Spells cant be used alot and abilities try to make a catch to them. (like wearing you out)
Bio: It doesnt have to be a novel but make a good hystory of your character. maybe 1K words will be alright :)
Famous quote:

I think that is all unless I am missing something.... As for my character *whips out Jackel* Some old faces may know him and some new ones will like his insanity :)

Name : Jack (Jackel) Raging Bull

Age : Unknown. His actual age is around 40 but his soul is eternal.

Race : Human/Mystic

Personality : Are you insane? Well to tell you the bleak truth?. He is. He is a really big loony bin. This guy cares about a few things and life itself is definitely not one of them. A body here, A brain there doesn't even gross this guy out. To him they are mere decorations. He loves few things, one is money, the second one death, and the third one is causing it for money. One word that describes this guy entirely, HITMAN!

Appearance : A tall and muscular being standing an impressive 7 foot and 2 inches. He weighs around 250 pounds. A minor change to his body is a metallic hand that looks and moves as if he never crafted one on. The cause of that was a resent match against another loon. The thing to know the most about his metallic limbs and such is that they can not be used for self-defense or to deal damage. They may be machine-based limbs but they are so perfectly created that they are basically a limb. He has an incredible amount of knowledge on a human anomaly and machines that make him able to create such parts. A smile on his face is always common it's when he stops smiling, then RUN! He has gold hair that grows down to his back and shoulder blades. He wears an ancient Egyptian robe with the markings of Anubius showing his bloodline inheritance. The robe only covers the back of him but the front is visible with a dagger hung around his neck. The dagger itself is so old it that it was useless in a battle that is why he sealed the sheath on it and wore it so that it reminded him how he came to be. On his back he wears a hilt that holds the very sword Anubius gave to him in commemorating him as his third son. On his sides were two sashes for his trademark weapons, The Raging bulls. He wore also a belt that held his grenades and ammunition.


Alepedo : A beautifully crafted golden handled sword given to him from the God himself Anubius. The very blade itself is made of substances so poisonous means death in a few hours unless Jackel chooses not to use that. Which he never does for he likes to torture his victims. Jackel however decided a few changes to it should be made and created a gunblade of his liking. The gunblade at the moment can hold up to 5 shotgun shells. Each shell was made to scatter into hundreds of sharp metals able to pierce almost everything. The down side? He can only use one setting at a time. It takes a few minutes to switch the blade.

Raging Bulls : Jackel's two little beauties. This is a pair you DO NOT want to be flashed with. Both fire 600 bullets per cartage each at 20 bullets a second. Crafted to Jackel's perfect image. A insane weapon for an insane killer.

Grenades : He carries only three types of Grenades. Which can only be activated when he touches them.

The first type is the standard explosive ones. Those are able to kill a normal human being. However for those who aren't normal and much stronger than a human being they merely cause a bruise or a mark and that's all. Nothing serious to worry about. He carries five of these all the time.

The second type is a standard smoke grenade. All it does it make a cloud of smoke so dense no one is able to see through. It blocks also psychic readings and scanning equipment. He carries also five of those.

The final type is more dangerous if you end up being dependent on magic. These babies are Jackel's brand. These if the gas it produces is inhaled the victim is unable to use summoning or spells for a good hour after introduced with the gas. If that person doesn't breathe in the smoke for a good 2 minutes or so then the smoke doesn't effect him at that time. He only carries two of those.

Biography: Jackel's story is a sad one to learn. Many things happened but let's start at the beginning to explain the mind of his.

It all began when he was being born. Such a wonderful moment when one is brought into this world. However his arrival was a sick and terrifying moment. As he was being delivered he began to claw and bit his mother as he was being taken into the light. Just because of his gruesome attack he caused his mother to die after deliverance. (So it goes) The first of many lives he was about to take. Then around the night before the morning of his leaving from hospital another horrific event took place. A child a few days younger was settled next to him and cried keeping him up for hours and hours at end. Like many babies he should have just cried but instead a power failure occurred and when it went back on the baby that kept him up was found burned to death. (So it goes) Jack's father was a rich man who cared and gave everything Jack always wanted. He was happy but only one thing was wrong, the one thing that hid deep within him craved for something that was not possible for a boy Jack's age at that time, more blood.

Then the day that changed all Jack's life arrived. It was his forth birthday. He got many presents on that day but one specific present caught his eye. This one package was gift wrapped in a way he knew was from his father. Something inside it though beacons him to open it first. Against all will power he did and right before him was an ancient dagger with Egyptian writing on its hilt and blade. His father told him the blade was passed down the family tree and now was his which sent him to the point of happiness. His father also said that the blade unfortunately could not be translated because the language it was in was more ancient than the oldest form of Egyptian writing. Jack didn't care and held it close and enjoyed the rest of his birthday party, which was his last. Late that night a voice entered his mind as the dagger glowed a soft green.

"The first of three I am. The first of three messages to come to thee. I am the seeker, seeker of the third child. I have found you. Now do as your father, Anubius commands. Kill. Kill. KILL."

Jackel woke up the next day finding nothing but the house filled and covered in blood. His father, Dog, and servants all were brutally murdered. Jack then grew scared and ran away. He needed to leave this place and go somewhere. Anywhere.

He ended up in Egypt. Why he wasn't sure. He knew of the temperature in Egypt in some days but for some reason it didn't bother him at all. The sun's piercing heat was nothing more than a cool breeze on his body and the scorching sands to him felt like wet, cold pavement. He continued to walk when the voice entered his mind again.

"Second of three messages to be. I have come to send word from your father third child. Kill is the way you must go. Be death like you once were. Kill. Kill. KILL."

Jack began to claw his head. Screaming out: 'leave me alone. Leave me alone. I have no father now. Leave me alone!' Which made others around him puzzled and confused. Seeing a child yelling out to nothing was odd to see and one woman took pity on him. Thus that is how Jack found a new family.

For the next six years Jack never had again that voice speak to him or anything weird happen. No one died or got injured which to Jack didn't really bother him. He led a good life at this point being taught in school and the surprisingly was fascinated in Egyptian Mythology. As he was at school his foster mother surprisingly found the dagger that haunted him throughout his childhood. She was unable to read it all but a small part: Third Child and Death. She grew scared of it and buried it in the sands outside hoping it would never resurface again. When Jack came home though destiny it seemed had other plans.

"Third and final message to the third and final child. Listen to your Father's words. Kill. Kill. Kill those who you treasure. Kill. Kill. And come to your true father. Kill. Kill. KILL."

That final message then took all of Jack's dreams, hope, and insanity away forever. After he gained consciousness he realized his foster mother was in his arms dead with blood around him. He tried to run out but found his entire foster family murdered and their blood painting the walls and ceiling. He then ran away from that house of death. To where he did not know. He was scared and worried that he was going to die now out in a desert with no one to call out to and collapsed. Just then the ground began to shake and a Pyramid erupted from the depths of the sand. It then stopped showing a passageway to where his destiny awaited. The dagger began to pull and force Jack to move in. Inside many wonders were around him. So many things like gold, silver, Sculptures but what really interested him was the Hieroglyphics that for some odd reason he was able to read as if it were English. He looked at his dagger and read the words out loud: The Key for the Third Child. Place the key into your soul for your destiny. He looked at it and was puzzled. Then he saw a story of Anubius and his three children who died at a young age. The first born was Life, The second born was Time, and the third and last-born child was Death. Jack was afraid but then he noticed the death soul had some sort of cut in it enough to fit a metal object into it. After he did he disappeared from time, as did the Pyramid.

20 years passed and soon came the coming of the new years. Soon Ra the God will ride his chariot and bring another good year for all his people or so the legends say. Just when the time was about to strike and earthquake began to occur. Everyone began to panic and husbands and fathers picked up their families to flee. Then the Pyramid of Anubius surfaced again. This time it bore a power that all will soon know and fear. Others were baffled on where it came from. Then a figure began to emerge from it's alter. It spoke in a deep deathly voice.

"Hear me little insects of imperfection. My name is Jackel, I am the Messenger of Omega. I come now to take your lives in the name of my father Anubius *laughs* Have a nice day!"

The father's and husbands grew angry and picked up their weapons. 'This creature will never touch our family' they thought. Jackel knew they might do something like this. He also knew it was inevitable. After a few minutes of pleasure and pain Jackel emerged victorious. He left none to live. All around him laid a valley of corpses, mother, child, and father. He had a mission now. He had to fill his quota of souls. Jackel muttered words so ancient no one would understand. He marked the souls with Anubius' name.

After killing countless people and proclaiming their souls for Anubius. His father decided to continue this quota in another realm. He wished that an army needed a more effective amount souls. Thus why he ended up here. He was given advice from Anubius to search for his Father. That way the quota will be filled much more quickly.


Rush: Because of his insane personality and thanks to Anubius' training Jackel possesses incredible senses. He can follow the movement of any creature no matter how fast it is. The only problem is it takes concentration and he is unable to do an attack until he gets out of that phase.

Big Bang : When he devotes himself on making an impact on the battle look out. He is more than likely to use this ability. His knowledge in weapons is vast. Bombs also are very special to Jackel. He has come to the point of crafting two grenades to make their usual effects quadruple in size. If he ends up planting a grenade on you say goodbye. The only way to live is if you disarm it. However Jackel rarely does that also. He prefers to use it to make craters.

Tornado Wall: Losing his last thread of patience (which really isn't hard) He grows impatient and ties both of his Raging Bulls together. At this point he begins to spin them so fast he creates a shield of metal protecting him for as long as the machine guns are spinning or until the rope breaks. While this happens if his guns are perfectly operational, bullets fire from all sections around him. Fired at 40 bullets a second for a total of 1,200 bullets per cartage. Once he runs out of that he can not continue the fun until he reloads them.


Basic Elements : Nothing special about these. Just the casual Lightning, Fire, Wind, etc. spells he casts on his blade which deal more damage when struck by it. Nothing really to worry about though.

Flashbacks: The last of his bag of tricks but considered the most deadly. All he does is look back into his past and remember all the death that he inflicted on his family that which in turn causes his strength and speed to increase ten times fold. However his defense becomes pathetic so he tries to use this when he really needs too.

I look forward to the challenge :P
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