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[color=#0066FF][center][SIZE=5][u]Information about the RPG[/u][/SIZE][/center]

[size=4][u]Chaos Poke`mon[/u][/size]

[b]Name:[/b] Kageryn
[b]Type:[/b] Dark/Dragon/Fire
[b]Appearance:[/b] Looks like a gigantic skeletal western-style dragon with gleaming red eyes and spikes along its back all the way to its tail.


[b]Description:[/b] It is also called the apocalypse poke`mon. When it appears, it causes destruction and devastation everywhere. It has the power to wipe out an entire city in one powerful attack. Although many people have tried to find the place in which it sleeps, no one has succeeded. It is impossible to capture, and it seems only attacks from other legendary poke`mon have an effect on it.
1. [i]Dark Eraser[/i] ? a powerful red beam that is able to wipe out an entire city. The beam originates from Kageryn?s mouth. Its whole body glows a dull red before the beam shoots forth.
2. [i]Black X[/i] ? a combined dark/fire version of Fire Blast.
3. [i]Shadow Blaze[/i] ? a combined dark/fire version of Flamethrower.
4. [i]Infernal Rage[/i] ? when attacked, this counter-attack is used. Kageryn rapidly fires combined dark/fire fireballs at the attacker.
5. [i]Darkening Heart[/i] ? a dark flame aura flares up around Kageryn, upping all its stats greatly.
6. [i]Dragon?s Shadow[/i] ? Kageryn puts up a dark-coloured defensive barrier that also raises evasion. This barrier stops all forms of attacks except attacks from legendary poke`mon.


[b]Name:[/b] Kaijin
[b]Number of gyms:[/b] 6
[*]Thunder Plains ? a large grassy plain where electric poke`mon are most common. It?s called the Thunder Plains because thunderstorms occur there very often, making it a perfect environment for electric poke`mon.
[*]The Wave Islands ? a chain of islands just off the coast of Kaijin. It is a sanctuary for any sort of water poke`mon and tropical land poke`mon.
[*]The Icy Mountains ? a range of mountains on the northern most region of Kaijin. It is inhabited by many ice poke`mon, although some rock and flying poke`mon also exist there.
[*]The Underground Cavern ? this series of tunnels and underground cavern is a haven for rock, ground, steel and dark poke`mon. The cavern was made by an underground stream over a period of a million years. The deeper into the cavern, the more powerful poke`mon are encountered.
[*]Greenvale Forest ? this overgrown forest is the place for grass and bug type poke`mon. The dense foliage and plentiful water and sun makes a perfect environment for the poke`mon that live in the forest.
[*]The Abandoned Industrial District ? in the biggest city on Kaijin, there is an abandoned industrial district that is over-run by poison type poke`mon, along with ghost poke`mon. The area in this district became too polluted, therefore, making a place for poison poke`mon to live. The ghost poke`mon live in the abandoned warehouses, haunting them.
[*]The Psychic Houses ? spotted all over Kaijin, there are abandoned houses. These houses are the homes of psychic poke`mon. These houses were once used by a company that tested the psychic capabilities of humans. With this history, the psychic poke`mon were attracted to the equipment and eventually pushed the company out of the houses.
[*]The Volcanic Springs ? this area of Kaijin is known for its hot springs. People often come to visit and relax in the hot springs to revitalise themselves. The area is also known for its endless volcanic activity, making it a perfect place for fire poke`mon. The hot temperatures and rocky, barren landscape enticing the poke`mon to live there.
[*]Dragon Island ? a rumoured island on which dragon type poke`mon are said to dwell. Apparently, this island is said to appear and disappear according to the wills of the poke`mon that live on it.
[*]The Hidden Vale ? a mysterious valley rumoured to be the home of all legendary poke`mon from all regions. It is said to a sanctuary for the legendary poke`mon who are pursued endlessly by trainers that wish to catch them.



[size=4][u]The route we will be taking - [/u][/size]

[b]1.[/b] Start at Windsand Village
[b]2.[/b] Sail to Rodscale Village (PC)
[b]3.[/b] Sail to RazorSurf City (PC, Gym)
[b]4.[/b] Walk to Lake Grass Town (PC)
[b]5.[/b] Walk to Psychic House
[b]6.[/b] Walk to FireRise City (PC)
[b]7.[/b] Walk to Volcanic Hot Springs (Gym)
[b]8.[/b] Walk back to FireRise City (PC)
[b]9.[/b] Walk through the Greenvale Forest
[b]10.[/b] Walk to Ragor Fern Town (PC)
[b]11.[/b] Walk to Carden Town (PC)
[b]12.[/b] Walk through the Underground Cavern
[b]13.[/b] Walk to BlackRock City (PC, Gym)
[b]14.[/b] Walk to Psychic House
[b]15.[/b] Walk to Fall Water Town (PC)
[b]16.[/b] Walk over Rapid River to RiverBend City (PC)
[b]17.[/b] Walk to Psychic House
[b]18.[/b] Take rail-cart to CragSpire City (Gym, PC)
[b]19.[/b] Take rail-cart back to Psychic House
[b]20.[/b] Walk through the Rock Tunnel to Psychic House
[b]21.[/b] Walk to StormSprite City (PC)
[b]22.[/b] Walk to Thunder Ridge (PC, Gym)
[b]23.[/b] Walk back to StormSprite City (PC)
[b]24.[/b] Take train to Abandoned Industrial District [AID]
[b]25.[/b] Take train back to StormSprite City (PC)
[b]26.[/b] Take Bullet Train to ShellShore City (PC)
[b]27.[/b] Sail to Crashing Shores Village
[b]28.[/b] Walk to Windsand Village (Healers)
[b]29.[/b] Sail to Crystal Water Town
[b]30.[/b] Walk to DragonWing City (PC)
[b]31.[/b] Sail to Dragon Island (Gym)
[b]32.[/b] Sail back to DragonWing City (PC)
[b]33.[/b] Sail to Engel City Port 1
[b]34.[/b] Walk to Engel City (Poke`mon Championships)
[b]35.[/b] Walk to Engel City Port 2
[b]36.[/b] Sail to other regions

PC = Poke`mon Centre


[b]Info on Gyms:[/b]
= the gyms in Kaijin only have the leader
= this leader is extremely strong and have a wide variety of poke`mon at their disposal which means all of us won't battle the same poke`mon unless there are a limited amount of poke`mon with the type the leader uses
= each gym has three types the poke`mon the leader uses. This will be explained below when each gym is explained
= the poke`mon the leader uses can be decided by the person who posts
= there are three types of gym battling:
- 3-on-3 (have the option of three poke`mon in battle)
- 6-on-6 (have the option of all of your poke`mon in battle)
- skill testing (testing a skill such as accuracy, endurance, stength, defensive, etc)

[b]RazorSurf City Gym[/b]
[i]Leader - [/i] Varun Marsden - male around mid-20s
[i]Appearance - [/i] [URL=http://img387.imageshack.us/img387/3918/guys807ne.jpg]Varun's appearance[/URL]
[i]Types - [/i] Water / Bug / Grass

[b]Volcanic Hot Springs Gym[/b]
[i]Leader - [/i] Nuria Orinda - female, early 20s
[i]Appearance - [/i] [URL=http://img365.imageshack.us/img365/6806/closeups000403vd.jpg]Nuria's appearance[/URL]
[i]Types - [/i] Fire / Rock / Fighting

[b]BlackRock City Gym[/b]
[i]Leader - [/i] Kaia Adamina - female, early teens
[i]Appearance - [/i][URL=http://img374.imageshack.us/img374/4255/1099784980viduality11ij.jpg] Kaia's appearance[/URL]
[i]Types - [/i] Dark / Ground / Steel

[b]CragSpire City Gym[/b]
[i]Leader - [/i] Kedar Zefirino
[i]Appearance - [/i][URL=http://img353.imageshack.us/img353/9495/639dj.jpg] Keder's appearance - the one in the background with the long blue-white hair[/URL]
[i]Types - [/i] Ice / Flying / Rock

[b]Thunder Ridge Gym[/b]
[i]Leader - [/i] Tyrell Raidon - male, late 20s
[i]Appearance - [/i][URL=http://img295.imageshack.us/img295/5456/guys1659ob.jpg] Tyrell's appearance[/URL]
[i]Types - [/i] Electricity / Poison / Psychic

[b]Dragon Island Gym[/b]
[i]Leader - [/i] Alula Richelle - female, late teens
[i]Appearance - [/i][URL=http://img295.imageshack.us/img295/4355/animeb355ef.jpg] Alula's appearance[/URL]
[i]Types - [/i] Dragon / Ghost / Normal[/color]
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