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Writing Forever, My fine lady fair (PG, kinda dark)


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OOC:These are my first poems I wrote. Enjoy. :catgirl:


Forever I walk alone in the shadow, in the darkness, in the night.
I am unseen to everyone.
Invisible to the eyes of the world.
No one can see me.
No one can know.
No one can follow my footsteps, for the darkness shall swallow them whole.
No one care?s about who I am.
And no one knows, for if they did they would surely die.
I have seen wars, famine, and death.
I have seen all the darkness In the world.
All of mans sins have been pressed upon me, for I am trapped.
I am trapped within the darkness of my own soul, my own body, my own mind.
For the sins I have committed are far greater than mans.
I shall never be free.
I shall keep searching.
Searching until I have the thing I have been searching for.
Forever I am searching for a place I can be free, for a place I am loved.
I?m searching for my home.
But I have no home.
My home is gone, destroyed by my own sins, by my own darkness.
I shall search forever.
Forever I shall walk alone in the shadow, in the darkness, in the night.
OOC:This poem is kinda old fashioned. :animesmil

[CENTER] [B][I][U]My Fine Lady Fair[/U][/I][/B]

Where art thou.
Where art thou.
My fine lady fair.
Thy lips are frozen, like a red rose so rare.
Thine eye's are an ocean of beauty and grace.
For thine eye's are a mystery of whom they shall face.
My young blonde beauty, with thy smile so bright.
I shall always miss thee, when day turns to night.
That terrible day when thy skin became stained with red.
My memories they haunt me, as I sleep in my bed.
Now thou art only a portrait, to show thee my love.
'Til the day that I die, and fly to the heavens and soar like a dove.
For thou art my life, my love, and my soul.
I shall always remember thee, 'til the day that I go.
My life.
My love.
My fine lady fair.[/CENTER]
OOC:This is all for now. I hope you like. :animeswea
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